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Starbucks' New Glass Tumblers Are Topped With A Crown And Fit For Royalty

We're not sure when Starbucks became quite so elegant, but we're falling head over heels in love with these new glass tumblers that are topped with regal crowns.

Whether it's a hot or cold drink, one sip in and we're pretty sure we'll be totally ready to primp for our coronation day.

Hold your crown high, cuz you a queen.

The tumblers have been spotted in some Starbucks locations in China, but are hopefully being added around the world as a part of the brand's 2020 collection, which came out last month.

These tumblers rule.

Some of these refined Starbucks tumblers include gorgeous mermaid-like scales, and the iconic Starbucks logo with golden crowns. Does anyone know if Meghan Markle has one?

Walk out of Starbucks looking like royalty.

Whether it's sipping at home or taking your tumbler out on the town, while socially distancing, of course, these tumblers will have you feeling like the queen of the castle.

We'll cheers to that!

Don't throw a royal fit, they have some on Ebay.

Purchasing these lavish tumblers doesn't have to be an exclusive occasion; there's enough royal fabulousness to go around — provided you're willing to fight for it on eBay.

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