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Disney-Themed Jack-O'-Lanterns Are The Biggest Trend This Year And They're Magical

We can't think of a better way to make Halloween absolutely magical than with these amazing Disney-themed Jack-o'-lanterns that people have been creating.

Every Halloween, houses are dotted with carved pumpkins that more or less follow one of two themes: cute or scary. But these Disney pumpkins put the creativity back in carving, with intricate details and heartwarming charm.

Makes us want to wish upon a star that someone would make one for us.

These gourd-eous pumpkins make dreams come true.

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It's time to grab your paints and really dig through your craft drawers, because you're going to need them!

These next-level creations don't even seem like they're part of this world. We swear they are taking the Halloween game to infinity and beyond.

We didn't even have to say bippity boppity boo for these pumpkins to be magical.

Let's face it, carving pumpkins is messy, stressful, and they don't usually come out looking so great either.

With these Disney-themed pumpkins, the pumpkin becomes a canvas for endless possibilities to recreate your favorite movies.

These pumpkins will definitely have you feeling the love on Halloween night.

From movies like Up to Toy Story and more, people are letting their imaginations be their guides.

We recommend making these with loved ones as you watch your favorite Disney movies for inspiration, as well as some epic sing alongs.

This is Halloween, these pumpkins will make everyone scream in delight.

Whether you go with a classic, yet iconic Nightmare Before Christmas theme or go with something a little more cute and cuddly, like Winnie The Pooh, there really is no going wrong with these pumpkins.

Don't forget to take pictures of all of your Disney pumpkin masterpieces! Pics or they didn't happen.

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