Quotes For People Who Need To Dust Off Their Vacuum

I'll admit, it's been a while since my house got a really good, really deep cleaning. And if my total lack of motivation is any indication, it's not going to be getting one any time soon.

Sometimes I hate looking around and seeing the crumbs under the couch, the finger prints on the fridge, and the thin film of dust covering just about every surface possible.

But other times? I simply could not care less.

I've found that unless I'm having someone over, or I've stepped on one too many dog toys, I'm perfectly content living with a little clutter.

That's not to say I surround myself with junk and live in absolute filth, mind you.

But a little mess here and there never really hurt anyone.

It's actually taken me awhile to learn that, because I used to be crazy about cleaning.

No, really. I was the kind of person who made strict schedules for myself, and who made sure everything was kept spick and span at all times.

But the thing about keeping your house in pristine condition 24/7 is that means you're basically cleaning *24/7*.

How are you supposed to enjoy the space you've so tirelessly labored over cleaning if you're spending all your downtime scrubbing, sweeping, polishing, and vacuuming?

It's just not worth it.

So instead of living that way, I've come to realize that a messy home once in a while certainly isn't the worst thing in the world.

Sure, I still try to carve out a day or two a week where I channel my inner clean freak again so my place doesn't look like it just got picked up, shaken, and then dropped again.

But I also let myself relax too, because life is short, and those dust bunnies can definitely wait a bit longer.

They aren't going anywhere.

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