10+ Facts About Amanda Seyfried Fans Didn't Know

There's a lot more to Amanda Seyfried than just what meets the eye. She's an esteemed actress, leading-lady, animal lover, and a mother. Recently, Amanda and her husband welcomed their second child into the world!

We'd all like to wish her a heartfelt congratulations. To help celebrate and honor this amazing young woman, check out these 10+ facts about Amanda Seyfried that fans didn't know!

Amanda began her career working as a model.

I like to consider myself as being well-versed in YA culture. So of course I've read through pretty much every Sweet Valley High book that's ever been published.

I was blown away to see Amanda's face on the cover.

She was a soap star!

Amanda's first television role came when she landed a recurring part on As The World Turns. She was cast as Lucinda Montgomery and played the character for three seasons.

She also went on to star in All My Children as Joni Stafford.

Amanda lives the farmer's life.

The way Amanda describes it, she's living her dream. Both she and her husband raise goats, chickens, and are even farming their own crops.

There's something about living in the serenity of the countryside that Amanda finds particularly charming.

She knits constantly.

During an appearance on The Ellen Show, Amanda said that knitting has become like a form of therapy. She knits for everyone: friends, family, even co-stars.

To prove her point, she brought along a winter hat that she'd knitted as a gift for Ellen!

Amanda was obsessed with *NSYNC.

Amanda has appeared in two films alongside Justin Timberlake but she freely admits that he wasn't her favorite member of the legendary boy band.

According to an interview that Amanda did with Conan O'Brien, she had the hots for JC Chavez.

Her dog Finn is her best friend.

If you're looking for something to brighten your day, you need to sit down and watch a day in the life with Amanda and her dog Finn.

They do everything together, from reading the paper to accessorizing.

She originally auditioned for a different role in *Mean Girls*.

Amanda had her heart set on playing Regina George — it's what took her to L.A. in the first place!

The producers and casting director loved her, but not for the part of Regina.

Amanda is a guitarist.

She recently partnered up with @homeboundtheater to help raise funds for @nokidhungry. Amanda performed once of her favorite songs, "Try A Different Way," by Patty Griffin.

I have to hand it to her — she plays beautifully.

She's married to Thomas Sadoski!

You'll probably remember Thomas from films like Loser or more recently from the incredible sitcom Life in Pieces.

Amanda and Thomas got married in a private ceremony, with only Amanda's dog Finn in attendance.

That's really her singing in *Mamma Mia*.

Amanda's voice is largely what landed her the role, to begin with. She sang two songs for her audition and blew everyone away.

As she was walking out of the room, both the music and sound director proclaimed that they had found their Sophie.

Amanda collects taxidermy.

You read that correctly. Amanda has a somewhat uncommon interest surrounding the stuffing of deceased animals.

According to her, they can become living pieces of art, if done correctly. To each their own, I suppose.

She once aspired to be a meteorologist.

One of Amanda's idols in her younger days was Helen Hunt. Around the time that Twister hit theaters, Amanda became obsessed with the weather.

She would even dress up as Hunt and track weather patterns in a binder.

The tattoo on Amanda's foot is an ode to vaginas everywhere.

Amanda's tattoo reads "Minge." Now, that word might not carry much sway in North America, but it takes on an all-new meaning once you cross the pond.

In the UK, "Minge" is a slang term for a woman's vagina. Amanda claims its also a term of endearment in her group of friends.

Amanda recently gave birth to her second child!

When I say recently, I mean literally less than a week ago. As of right now, Amanda and her husband have yet to reveal the name of her baby boy.

But it's only a matter of time!

Mark Wahlberg made her cry.

Amanda admits that she drew first blood. She had a habit of scaring people on set, but Mark took things to an entirely different level.

He had her convinced that someone kidnapped her beloved dog, Finn!