Rihanna Claps Back After A Fan Calls Her Out For Wearing Sunscreen 'In Winter'

There are some celebrities you just do not want to mess with, because they will always call you out on it. If I had to make a list of stars that I would be too intimidated to call out for something, Rihanna would definitely top the list, especially if it turned out she had the perfect comeback locked and loaded.

Rihanna is famous for her no cares given attitude.

Of course, she's also famous for her chart-topping music career, and Fenty Beauty empire, among other things, but her willingness to get a little sassy on social media is pretty infamous on its own.

Especially when it comes to her business.

Rihanna recently shared this picture to her Instagram.

"Just protecting my melanin while they try to eradicate it!" Rihanna captioned the pic of her using her Fenty Skin sunscreen to protect herself from UV rays.

One fan seemed to have an issue with the timing of this post.

"It's winter now," the fan commented.

Besides the obvious issue that the world doesn't all have the same season at the same time so just because it's winter for them doesn't mean it's winter for everyone, there was a pretty big flaw in her critique.

RiRi was happy to point it out for her.

"It's the ignorance for me! You gon have wrinkles if you think SPF is seasonal! But continue," she replied.

It just goes to show that you do not want to try to come for Rihanna, because she will put you in your place!