Colorado Symphony Musicians Cover 'Sweet Dreams' In Cozy Home Video

With everything that's going on, many of us are in dire need to something to entertain and soothe us. And while it's still not safe to see live music in most cases, people have been recording their performances purely so the internet could enjoy them long before they actually had to.

Indeed, I've noticed that the appeal of NPR's "Tiny Desk" series hasn't changed all that much since its featured artists have had to record their entries from home. For my money, one of the best performances the series has ever had happened under those exact circumstances.

But if the rap stylings of Flatbush Zombies aren't for you, some members of the Colorado Symphony came together in the full video to put a classical twist on an '80s classic.

Under normal circumstances, the Colorado Symphony is used to putting on about 150 public concerts every year.

As their website explains, the orchestra consists of 80 full-time musicians representing over a dozen nations whose home base is the Boettcher Concert Hall in Denver.

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, their performances have shifted to smaller, safer environments involving only a few musicians.

These are collected in their #PlayOn series and the most celebrated one to date has been this string and percussion rendition of Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These)."

And while they had clearly intended what they described as a "high-strung" tribute to the pop duo to be enjoyed by the internet, there's also a reason why they held it on the patio.

As the description of the YouTube video says, they did this for the benefit of their friends and neighbors nearby.

And as you might have noticed, the musicians were also collecting donations for the Cat Care Society.

And as you might imagine from the name, this is a nonprofit animal shelter based in Lakewood, Colorado that specializes in caring for homeless cats.

Since they receive no government funding, donations are essential to keeping their operations running.

But while I'm sure this performance is charming to hear about, it's definitely better to see it for yourself.

And so you can catch the entire spirited cover in the full video.

Enjoy and stay safe out there.