Midwives Use Carved Pumpkins To Show Dilation During Labor For A Display That's Truly Scary

The birthing process can be something that is incredibly beautiful and moving. Many times, women who are becoming first-time mothers wonder about what the birthing process is actually like.

The curiosity about cervix dilation is something all new moms have. How big will it get?!? When we get up to five, six, and seven centimeters dilated... what will it feel and look like? These are questions all new moms have as they get ready to give birth.

Midwives at one hospital decided to come up with a "fall themed" way to show the various stages of dilation during labor.

As midwives are the ones who know practically everything about giving birth, they came up with a spectacular way to showcase the various stages of dilation.

In celebration of fall and Halloween, the midwives used pumpkins to showcase the stages.

From one centimeter dilated all the way to 10 centimeters, the pumpkin's mouths get bigger and bigger. Essentially, you look at the mouths as though they are your... lady bits.

Looking at them brings a shudder of fear to any woman.

The Facebook post from the page Pregnant Chicken that has now gone viral is captioned, "It was set up by midwives at the Royal Oldham Hospital in Lancashire, England as part of a pumpkin decorating competition."

Clearly this is the most creative and ~scary~ way to celebrate Halloween.

There's nothing scarier than realizing that when you give birth, your cervix going to stretch as big as the one labeled "10 centimeters." Happy Halloween!

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