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Kit Kat Is Coming Out With A Mocha Chocolate Flavor Because We Deserve This

Get ready to break off a piece of these new mocha chocolate flavored Kit Kat bars. It doesn't get much better than munching on all those rich layers, now with heavenly coffee and chocolate flavors.

While there are many Kit Kit flavors out now, we have a feeling this one will mocha you very happy.

These duos double the deliciousness.

This new flavor will be hitting shelves in November and is here to stay, as it's not a limited edition.

If that's not already enough reason to celebrate, the yummy coffee bits within every bite will surely have your mouth watering.

Nothing like a cup o' Kit Kats in the mornin'.

Your morning coffee better move over, because we think it's time for a morning Kit Kat.

There's nothing quite like the smell of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, and we imagine that's exactly what it's like when unwrapping these bars.

Kit Kat is serving up a strong brew of sweetness.

As we always say, don't be afraid to mix things up.

These Kit Kats would be absolutely delectable when combined with some coffee or chocolate ice cream, or even to top baked desserts and coffee-based creations.

Relax and enjoy.

With the rich notes and creamy goodness, coffee lovers from around the world are going to find themselves stuffing their carts, and then their faces, with these Kit Kats in November.