10+ Ways To Give Your Home An Instant Decor Boost

Can't shake the feeling that your living space is looking a little... drab these days? Hey, it happens to everyone. While we can't all invest the time and money it would take to do a complete home makeover, there are tons of budget-friendly options out there. Take a look at these ideas and products that can give your decor a much needed boost.

Some fun shelving.

There's no reason for you to just have regular, plain shelving! You can totally change things up by picking shelves in different shapes and textures. The shelves themselves will become a point of interest in your room!

New mirrors!

Mirrors really do change a room. The light they reflect can help a room feel bigger and brighter. I love little mirrors like this in interesting shapes — they almost feel like wall jewelry!

New lighting.

You can't go wrong with new, interesting lighting. Swapping out standard ceiling lights or boring lamps and substituting in some chic, affordable alternatives is a surefire way to change up a room quickly.

A new, soft rug.

I mean, duh. Adding in a rug will help anchor the look of a room, and give you an accessible way to add color! Plus, it's nice to walk on something soft and fluffy. No downside.

Some new, unexpected decor.

Instagram | @mooneriia

Get weird with it! Expressing yourself through decor is a surefire way to make a big change in your space. Find some weird trinkets, invest in something from a very specific interest, or even start a little Funko Pop collection!

Glass jars. A lot of them.

It sounds so silly to take things out of containers and put them in new, prettier containers, but it truly does help both with the aesthetic of your home, and with your organization.

Plants, of course.

You had to see this one coming. Plants add a freshness to a space that can't be replicated by any other object. If you're not good at keeping them alive, opt for faux ones.

Alternatively: Plastic jars. A lot of them.

If glass isn't practical in your home (especially if you have kids), acrylic or plastic jars will work just as well! Plastic jars tend to have fun lid colors, which will add some personality to your organization.

Some handmade art!

Nothing stands out and makes a statement more than handmade decor and art. Hit up Etsy or sellers on Instagram to get something totally unique for your home!

Some fancy new bottles for your most-used items.

Putting your soap, cleaners, and other essentials in matching bottles will really help a room feel more cohesive. Those bottles will add a purposeful air to your kitchen and bathroom, especially!

Upgrade your tech accessories!

Boring cables, stands, and chargers are so yesterday. Find some stylish tech accessories to make those items into statement pieces!

Gold charging stands, colored cords, and chic wireless chargers are a great way to do that.

Getting organized can be chic.

Put down the brown cloth bins from Wal-Mart and consider picking up something a little more interesting. Baskets are a great way to add interest, as are boxes with prints, colored bins, and acrylic organizers!

When in doubt, put removable wallpaper on it.

Seriously. If you want a change that you don't have to commit to, check out removable wallpaper. You can do a full or half wall in it, then remove it when you're ready for a change!

New end tables or nightstands.

It's really easy to change the vibe of a room with small objects. New end tables or nightstands are a good way to introduce a new style you want to try, or a fun color!

Peel-and-stick tiles aren't just for walls.

We all know that installing new floor tiles can cost a lot. Thankfully, peel-and-stick floor tiles are a thing, and Amazon customers love them. This happy customer shared a photo of their bathroom makeover and said it was the ultimate, "DIY on a dime." I have to agree with them!