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The Way This Brain And Skull Candle Burns Will Melt Your Mind

We thought we'd seen the creepiest decor that Halloween could dole out — until now. Nothing screams spooky louder than a brain and skull candle, that's for sure.

This Etsy candle is hauntingly delightful, especially when you burn it and it slowly melts through the skull's eyes. Cool? Sure. Macabre? You bet!

We have some skull shattering love for this candle.

Etsy | HomesterArtDecor

Made of cement and concrete at a height of 5.9 inches, these skull candles are proving to be quite spooktacular.

You'll be crying skull tears if you miss out on burning this baby for Halloween.

We've got death on our minds.

Etsy | HomesterArtDecor

We're not sure when brains got so elegant, but we're certainly thinking we'll have to get one, and fast.

These candles put the diva in death.

Etsy | HomesterArtDecor

We're dying to make our houses lit all season long with these toasty wicks that burn approximately seven to eight hours, and come in a variety of shades.

With each order, customers will receive one skull candle holder and one brain candle, so the look will be complete.

Don't be afraid to test the limits.

Etsy | HomesterArtDecor

Would it even be Halloween if someone didn't find a wa to make things even creepier? Your skull and brain candle will get lonely if you don't give them another macabre decoration to sit with. And this baby head definitely fits the bill.

Available on, HomesterArtDecor is selling these scary candles for $69.99.