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Quotes About Marriage That Should Have Been Included In The Vows

I like to think of marriage as being like one of those old gumball machines we used when we were kids — the kind you stuck a quarter in, spun the knob, and a glossy ball with five seconds-worth of flavor came popping out.

Maybe it was just me, but I always spun that knob with the hopes of earning myself a red, blue, or even pink gumball. But life doesn't always go your way, and more often than not, I ended up with a green, orange, or yellow one that I had to chew and convince myself, "This is just as good."

So yeah, some marriages are like that. You hope for pink, but you get yellow. It's just like that sometimes. On that note, here are some quotes that talk a bit more about the wonderful world of marriage.

Why are you always right where I need to be?

I admit, our kitchen is very small, and yeah, usually when I'm in there making something, it means he is too.

But lord help me, why must he always position himself directly in front of wherever I need to be?!

Let's not let it happen again.

When we first started dating, the bed was one object that we blissfully shared together without any of that "his side, her side" nonsense.

Of course now we know this thing has a clear divide down the middle and if you cross into my territory, you will pay the **price.

**cold feet on your legs.

Good joke, hunny.

Another one of my favorites is when he comes home and asks if you had a "good day", as if you didn't spend the last nine hours making sure his children didn't die on your watch.

How dare he do exactly what I asked of him??

When our anniversary rolled around this year, I said I wanted nothing, and continued to insist on that "nothing" for the next month and a half.

Then, when the big day finally rolled around, he thankfully understood that when I say "nothing", I really mean "get me something without me having to ask for something so I don't look like I place a material value on our relationship."

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