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'Dancing With The Stars' Pro Cheryl Burke Reveals She's Two Years Sober

Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Cheryl Burke is known for being a ball of energy.

Not only is she a stunner on the dance floor, but she is a real life star. The 36-year-old tied the knot with Boy Meets World star Mathew Lawrence last year, and has been a pro DWTS cast member on and off since 2005!

Cheryl Burke is known for being super positive and bubbly. Watching *DWTS* for even 5 minutes could tell you that!

Now, Cheryl is getting candid with fans after revealing on the LadyGang podcast that she has been sober for two years!

Cheryl, who is partnered with Backstreet Boy AJ Mclean on this season of DWTS, revealed how comforting it was to have a partner who is also sober.

"That's why I really wanted AJ, because I'm like, for him to be maybe partnered with someone who is just, like, still fresh in the scene or likes to go out, I was a little worried just as a friend in a way...But, then I'm glad we're partnered up together."

Cheryl clarified that she hasn't attended Alcoholics Anonymous.

"It was just a decision that I made for myself," she revealed, as per E! News,

"And it was when Matt [Lawrence] and I got engaged and it was during that engagement party that we were just like—or that I was like, he didn't even know—I was just like, I was done."

Cheryl explained that the death of her father, who struggled with alcohol addiction, motivated her decision.

"My father passed away—and then my dad was an alcoholic—so either I was gonna crash and burn and check myself into rehab or I was gonna just quit cold turkey."

"That's just my personality. It's either black or white."

We're so proud of Cheryl for making the right call for herself and her health!

If you, or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, please click here.

h/t: E! News.

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