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These Adorable Miniature Face Masks Will Protect Your Tiniest Pals

Just when we thought we had our heads wrapped around this entire 2020 debacle, we saw these little things, and we're...mesmerized.

Thesee odd, but also kind of cute miniature face masks are meant to protect our tiny friends, in whatever form they come. We're not sure what to make of them yet, but they sure are adorable.

Little masks, big conversations.

Etsy | Aalaa Mohammed

Most people are on board with these itty bitty Etsy masks, while others are a little on the fence.

One customer expressed: "so tiny! so cute! loved them."

While another customer opined: "Are so cute.. but too small for barbies and very easy to break it out."

We don't know about you, but we're feeling a little worried for Barbie now.

Here's the good news: the pandas are safe.

Etsy | Chelsey Olafson

There are some very sweet things happening with the customers that are purchasing these. This is also a great way to teach kids about the pandemic with their toys.

What we're saying here is, Corona care packages aren't just essential, they're sometimes actually cute.

There's no masking this level of cuteness.

Etsy | ButtercupsMiniatures

For anyone who still feels pretty puzzled by this, one thing seems for sure: these little masks are making people smile big time.

Most customers refer to them as "cute," "fun," and "realistic" with resounding consensus that the shipping time is good too.

A big one for you, and a little one for them.

We can't say that it's going to be this epic Instagram situation in which your hamster puts his mask on with you for a photo opp, but we can say that it's a good idea to wear your mask regardless.

Of course, if you have a little buddy that needs a mask or specific pandemic-themed decorating needs, you can get a handmade set of three on Etsy for $3.99