Dolly Parton Is Releasing A New Netflix Christmas Musical

Dolly Parton is truly our Christmas angel. Not only does she dawn as much sparkle as a Christmas tree, she is truly a songbird angel who blesses fans with the most beautiful rendition of classic holiday hymns.

So when Dolly announced that she was releasing a new Netflix Christmas musical, I died and went to HOLLY-DAY HEAVEN!

If you follow Dolly on social media, you know that she is literally *only* posting Christmas content, and has been doing so since August.

It's truly the only thing that has brought me joy on social media for several months.

Now, our Christmas angel is releasing a NEW NETFLIX CHRISTMAS MUSICAL!!!! AHH!

Aren't all three of those words just ELECTRIC?!

Posting the movie poster on Instagram, Dolly wrote: "#ChristmasOnTheSquare is more than just a’s also a musical! Watch my newest movie, directed by @therealdebbieallen and starring Christine Baranski, @jeniferlewisforreal and so many other talented folks, November 22 on @netflixfamily."

Sorry, a Christmas musical starring Dolly, Jenifer Lewis and Christine Baranski?! IS THIS THE 2020 REDEMPTION WE'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR?!

I can't wait for November 22nd!

Are you excited for the new Dolly movie?! Let us know in the comments below!

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