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11+ Cool Upcycled Creations People Shared Online

Have you ever found something a person threw out only to salvage it and make it into a thing of beauty? I love it when that happens.

I have to admit I haven't had much time to devote to upcycling lately but I'm always blown away by other people's creative skills. Check out these amazing projects and see what I mean.

1. These Tin Cans

Can you believe this person actually upcycled used tin cans and made them into something as cool as this? They painted each can to tell a story and you can turn them around to view different pictures.

2. These Earrings

This creative person was tired of having so much scrapbook paper go to waste, so she upcycled her leftover paper into earrings. Oh my goodness, how pretty are these? Don't you think she should open an Etsy shop?

3. This VHS Tape

Do you still have any old VHS tapes lying around? I might be aging myself admitting that I do ha, ha. I had no idea I can add LED lights to it and make it look this awesome and nostalgic.

4. This Handbag

What if you were given a big handbag to fix because the handles were broken. So you took it apart and made this one, adding a chain as the new handle. I think you would be in love too.

5. This Cat Bed

This person upcycled this old Westinghouse TV into a cat bed! The TV was already gutted (FB marketplace find), so no antiques were harmed in the making, lol. I wish I could see the cat enjoying it though.

6. This Terrarium

What if you could make the cutest Pokémon-inspired terrarium with Bulbasaur and an upcycled candle jar? This person did and I think it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Now I want one of these myself ha, ha.

7. This Garden

If you're a fan of gardening I bet you'll absolutely love this idea. Here somebody upcycled a pallet into a vertical garden planter for a tiny city garden. I think that's such a nice idea. I would do it too.

8. These Chairs

How do you salvage old chairs that are stained and looking past their prime? You can get sample fabric books for free and do what this lady did. Now, these chairs look like they're totally brand new.

9. This Tote

Again, if only my sewing skills were better I too could have made an old umbrella into the most chic and stylish reusable bag ever. I'm blown away by this cool design here. I wish I could get one.

10. This Dollhouse

This person upcycled a $3 garage sale find into a dollhouse display/decor! They use it to display tiny trinkets. Apparently it was a blast to make with all the themes. It looks so fun to me too.

11. This Jewelry Box

There's something really cool about old almost vintage-like jewelry boxes, right? They can definitely elevate any home decor. This gorgeous one got a coat of new paint and now it looks even more spectacular. I wish I could see the before picture.

12. This PJ Set

I've always wished that I was better at sewing. Why? Because if I can make a cool PJ set like this out of old torn pants I would be a happy camper. Isn't this so fabulous?

13. This Poker Table

Somebody actually upcycled an old dining table into a custom poker table. It comes with a roulette wheel border, hundreds of real retired casino playing cards, and poker movie quotes with the associated poker hands. All finished with bar top epoxy resin.

Sometimes I really do wish I was handier so I can make miracles out of somebody else's trash like these folks did.

I'm totally impressed by most of these projects here. What about you? Which one is your favorite from all of these?

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