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Colourpop Is Launching A 'Hocus Pocus' Makeup Collection So You Can Look Like A Boss Witch

Witches get a bad rap. They're always depicted as gnarly and wart-ridden, when we all know that true witches are gorgeous. That's probably why Colourpop has created a special Hocus Pocus makeup collection for those of us who want to enhance our natural witchy beauty.

Get in witch, we're going shopping!

We're just lucky, we guess.

Colourpop's new line of Hocus Pocus makeup is hauntingly fabulous.

It includes unique eye shadow colors, false lashes, lip colors, lip kits, enchanting glitters, and gel liners that are all based on the iconic Sanderson sisters and other characters in the movie.

You better work it, witch!

Instagram | colourpopcosmetics

The line is set to launch on September 30, which means it's time to hurry before the spell is broken and all of the collection is gone!

With the spellbinding cast having a Zoom reunion in October and the highly anticipated sequel arriving soon after, people are going to be under this makeup line's spell.

Which witch are you?

The Gather Round Sisters eye shadow palette is definitely the centrepiece to this work of art. This is where you'll find shades with names like Hello, Salem and Thackery Binx.

There are also three sets of lashes named after each sister's defining trait: Flirty Witch, Clever Witch, and Boss Witch.

Don't be too busy running amuck that you miss this makeup.

While ColourPop has yet to release the price for the collection, keep your eyes peeled and credit cards ready as you head to their site to find out.

A Sanderson Sister's make up line? Well, fancy!

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