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There's A Fireball Party Bucket Filled With 20 Mini Bottles That's Sure To Get Any Party Started

It's like lately we can't turn around without being reminded that Fireball is here and it's determined to get your party engine revving. First it was Fireball popsicles, then it was Fireball nog.

Now, there's an actual Fireball Party Bucket filled with 20 mini 50mL bottles that are great for, well, partying, it would seem.

We didn't start the fire, but we're not putting it out, either.

The people at Fireball are providing us with this tipsy bucket just in time to give a warm season's greeting to fall, and by extension, our favorite fall drinks.

Cheers to the new flame in our lives.

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These adorable little bottles come in a large tub that can double as a cooler once it's been emptied — which, let's be honest, won't take long.

It's a limited-edition offer, which makes every shot all the more precious.

We, of course, never forget the mixed drink possibilities.

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This whiskey isn't for the faint of heart with its intense flavor and richness. However, in the right formula, it can be a lot smoother and tamer than its name suggests.

Don't forget to have a little fun.

What's the fun of buying a bucket full of Fireball if you can't enjoy it with friends?

With some safe social distancing, these buckets may very well be the spicy key to some truly great memories. Go on and light this fire.

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