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Let These Stunning Flower Lamps Light Up Your Room Through The Prettiest Petals

Lamps have a unique way of really tying a room together, don't they? (OK, rugs too, Mr. Lebowski.) And the sheer array of lamps out there can be downright dizzying. But we think we've found your next show-stopping lamp, and please, wait to thank us until the end.

What in carnation?

Etsy | EsseniaFairyLand

These handmade lamps that are for sale on Etsy are unlike anything we've ever seen.

Just like real flowers, they come in many different colors and designs. Before you know it, you may get carried away and have a whole lamp garden!

These lamps put the petal to the metal.

Etsy | EsseniaFairyLand

They're made from a variety of materials, including wood, glass, plastic, metal, fabric, and more, and each flower has its own unique makeup, which is pretty darn poetic.

These are our new best buds.

Etsy | EsseniaFairyLand

Turning your home into a fairy garden just became a whole lot easier, and even more stunning than we ever imagined.

Most of these lamps are designed for indoor use only and come in different shapes and sizes.

These flower lamps remind us to grow through what we go through.

Etsy | EsseniaFairyLand

There's just something so cathartic about these lamps that provides a sense of beauty and peace. And who's home couldn't use some of that every day?

These gorgeous flower lamps are available on Etsy and range from $20 to over $800.