Amazon Now Sells Pickle Juice By The Gallon

Hey, do you need a literal gallon of pickle juice? Oh, good! I have great news for you: Amazon is selling pickle juice. By the gallon. For some reason.

So, what's up with the gallons of pickle juice? Why does it exist? And how much can you buy? Let's find out.

So, apparently people straight-up drink pickle juice for a number of reasons.

Many Amazon reviewers say that they drink it for leg and calf cramps! Cyclists have said that it's the perfect thing to drink after a ride since its full of electrolytes!

Others love it for the taste.

Which I actually kind of get, because we can't pretend we don't slurp up the liquid off of the pickle when we eat it. Wait, that's not just me, right? Someone validate me right now.

And, of course, still others use it for alcoholic drinks!

Specifically, pickle shots. This is a brilliant way to make pickle shots without having to buy jars and jars of pickles just to get that sweet, sweet pickle juice.

You can get it right on Amazon.

They sell it in bundles, but it seems the cheapest way to get it is just to buy multiples of the $20 gallons.

Have fun, pickle lovers! Live your best, pickle-y lives!

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