People Are Making Pumpkins Totally Tropical By Carving Them Into Palm Trees

Halloween, but make it tropical.

Now, before you scoff, picture this: It's a pirate-themed Halloween. There's a treasure chest, gold coins, lots of mermaid-like netting, and... pumpkins?

No way! We gotta stick with the theming! Enter palm tree pumpkins, which will help you bring your tropical Halloween dreams to life.

Palm. Tree. Pumpkin.

How cute and creative is this? They used different elements of the pumpkin to create a sweet palm tree, then added sand and two little loungers! I'm on board, I'm sold.

Some people add more little toys...

Which makes it less spooky, and more fun and playful! I'd say my favorite addition is the cocktail umbrella, which works shockingly well. It looks like they used a thick wooden dowel for the trunk.

Others added paint!

This one is called "Gilligan's Pumpkin," which is the most perfect mom joke in the entire world. I appreciate that pumpkin was used for the trunk, too. Workin' with what you've got!

Of course, there's nothing wrong with carving the traditional way, either!

If you want to keep up those tropical vibes, but don't want to literally create an entire palm tree, why not try out carving one into your existing pumpkin? This design is so fun and chic!

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