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Costco Is Selling A Grey Goose Vodka Set With Limited-Edition Cups For $46

The holidays are a time for celebration and sharing precious gifts with loved ones. And what's better for sharing than a premium drink for your premium people?

Costco is selling a cool Grey Goose Vodka set with sleek limited edition steel cups. This collector's item is setting the new standard for drinking.

It's worth a shot to try this Vodka set.

This vodka set would make a perfect gift for your boozy friends that just so happen to be fans of sleek and innovative product design.

Don't be afraid to mix things up with a great deal.

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The set is also a great deal that offers a lot of perks in just one set.

For starters, the bottle is massive — 1.75 litres, to be exact — and the cups are extremely high quality, meaning you will likely never have to replace them.

Let the prep for mixed drinks begin!

Why not spruce things up with this goose?

This delectable vodka set comes with some tipsy seasonal mixed drink recipes. They include spiced pomegranate soda and apple toddy, but for us vodka lovers, the possibilities truly are limitless.

Cheers to a good time.

For only $46 at Costco, what more could vodka lovers ask for?

Whether it's for your own private supply, a gift, or for a socially distanced holiday party, don't be bashful when it comes to this booze.

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