'Hocus Pocus' Canned Wine Is Here So We Can Run Amok Amok Amok

There's certainly no shortage of Hocus Pocus-themed merch out there these days, which really speaks to our obsession with the Halloween classic. But now, something's seriously brewing, and it's pretty bubbly and beautiful!

We're talking about the new Hocus Pocus wine that's just magically appeared online and flown on a broomstick straight into our hearts.

It must be a full moon tonight.

With the virtual Hocus Pocus cast reunion taking place in October and the sequel about to manifest, it's the perfect time to sip some hauntingly good wine while enjoying the cackling of the iconic sisters.

'Hocus Pocus' wine? Well, fancy!

You can enjoy a great can of Besa mi Vino's organic white wine that's decorated with the phrase, "I Put a Spell on You, and Now You're Wine."

Each sister is silhouetted on the can as she stands in front of the full moon.

Helping a good cause is pretty spellbinding.

Every sale of the Eliq's Hocus Pocus wine benefits the New York Restoration Project, which was founded by none other than Bette Midler, herself!

The non-profit is dedicated to rejuvenating community gardens and projects around the city.

They're almost all sold out, bubble, bubble, we're in trouble.

Heed our warning and order your Hocus Pocus wine now or risk them vanishing forever.

Already, there are some that are sold out, but there are others still running amok, amok, amok...for $72 for a 12-pack on