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10+ Animated Movies That Are Better Than Some Disney Classics

When you think of animated films, Disney is sure to come to mind.

Movies like The Lion King, Frozen, and Moana. They even have their subsidiary, Pixar, which has led to record-breaking animation in Toy Story and Monster's Inc.

But Disney isn't the only studio making animated movies. Come check out this list of 10+ animated movies that are better than some Disney classics!


And not just the first one — alllll of them!

The franchise has so much heart, hilarious moments, and a star-studded cast. This includes Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, and others.

*The Secret on NIMH*

"Don Bluth made some awesome movies back in the day, American Tale, Land Before Time, All Dogs go to Heaven. But The Secret Of NIMH still holds up to me because it is creepy and dark and I just love it." - Redditor Beerquarium

*The Iron Giant*

"This is one of those movies that, someday, I expect the snake to turn and for people to shun the movie because it is so loved by those that know it. I hope that day never happens, it's an amazing film." - Redditor Burbada

*A Quest for Camelot*

"It has the strangest mix up of characters- a girl from the farm, a two headed dragon that can't fly and a blind hermit. It's definitely not Oscar bait but it is fun and dark. Oh, and Gary Oldman voices the villain... so it's got that going for it." - Redditor Rayne37

*The Hobbit*

If you loved The Lord of the Rings trilogy, you will love this animated version of The Hobbit.

Plus, it was made by the same production company that created your favorite stop-motion Christmas classic: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

*The Girl Who Leapt Through Time*

"The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a gorgeous, gorgeous anime by the same director as Summer Wars. It's a little slower, a little more introspective, but it's so pretty that's reason alone to give it a shot." - Redditor Rayne37

*Chico and Rita*

"It is a drama and would have worked just as well as a live action film. It was about Cuban jazz musicians right before and during the whole Castro takeover. If you like jazz at all, it has an amazing score. It is also 2d but a bit more realistic." - Redditor howboutme



Couldn't get enough of Inception? Check out this similar movie in an animated form, which is based on the 1993 novel from Yasutaka Tsutsui.

It's a sci-fi film that's about a machine that can hack into people's dreams.

*Road to Eldorado*

"Road to Eldorado is a Dreamworks film about two Spanish con men finding the lost city of gold. Music by Elton John and quite a lot of jokes adults would appreciate, love this film." - Redditor Rayne37

*The Lego Movie*

Lego may be a kids' toy, but both kids and adults alike can enjoy this movie!

It's hilarious and even has a satirical element that helps you feel young for a while longer.


This is probably one of the greatest animated princess movies EVER.

It tells a reimagined tale of the lost Anastasia Romanova and she finds her way back to what remains of her past life and heritage.

*All Dogs Go To Heaven*

I'll say it: this is one of the best-animated films of all time.

It tells a very real story about the relationship between dogs and their owners, and has a ton of adventures thrown in for good measure!


"I avoided the movie for years because I'm not into anime but Akira impressed me greatly. I watched it with subtitles. I've heard the dub is still good although I can't say." - Redditor deleted


What could be better than a western animated film with a lizard as its lead?

It has an awesome cast, such as Johnny Depp and Isla Fisher, and a hilarious storyline that's guaranteed to bring on the laughs.

*The Adventures of Prince Achme*

"The Adventures of Prince Achmed cannot be overstated. While a beautiful film, it's a misnomer to dub Snow White the first feature length animated film that's still in existence when Prince Achmed predates it by more than a decade." - Redditor Typical_Humanoid

*Watership down*

For an animated film, this one goes deep.

On the surface, it's an incredibly violent and bloody tale of warring rabbits. But it can also be interpreted as an allegory for communism or a commentary on Christianity as a whole.

*The Painting*

"It is on Netflix and worth the watch. It's 3d animated but rendered out to look like everything was done in paint or sketches. It is also very visually appealing with a creative story. It's in French but I think there are dubbed options in addition to the subtitles." - Redditor howboutme

*The Transformers: The Movie*

Michael Bay isn't the only director who has tackled the Transformers story.

Years ago, there was this animated version that had great graphics and even a character voiced by Orson Welles!

*The Swan Princess*

Given the princess and the fact that it's so well done, you would think that this is a Disney film. But it's not.

It's about a princess who gets turned into a swan and, yes, only true love can save her.

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