10+ Characters Who'd Still Be Alive If Not For Bad Decision Making

When it comes to character deaths, there are two exceptions that make things a little less, well, sad.

First, you despise the character (cough, Joffrey from Game of Thrones). And second, they brought their death on themselves.

Take a look at these 10+ characters who'd still be alive if it weren't for their terrible choices to see if your least-favorite made the list.

Jack from *Titantic*.

We allll know there was room on this door!

But instead, Jack sacrificed his life for a woman he hardly knew. If he had just asked her to please, scouch over, they would have both survived.

Batman's parents in *Batman Forever*.

"If the Waynes hadn't left through the side exit of the theater into a back alley, none of the events would've happened. Like, just call Alfred and wait out front!" - Redditor Undecided_User_Name

The mayor in *Jaws.*

A mayor's job is to keep his townspeople safe, but this guy seriously failed.

While he wasn't the one who died, many innocent people died due to him leaving the beach open.

Darry in *Jeeper's Creepers*.

"Didn't Jeepers scare them before they saw the church. So he would already know Justin Longs fear smell, so he'd be hunting him anyway? All the same though, if you see a creepy guy, in a trenchcoat, dump an obvious dead body down a hole. Don't stop." - Redditor Torgetj

Anyone who watched the tape in *The Ring*.

If someone were to come to us and say, "want to watch a movie that kills you in seven days?" we'd say NOPE in a hot second.

But what do most of the characters in the movie do? Watch the movie.

Moss in *No Country For Old Men*.

While he was ahead of the killer for most of the movie, his death could have been avoided had he just followed this one very important rule: never go back to the scene of the crime.

Any of the characters in *Evil Dead*.

"Hey look! I found this really creepy old book bound in human skin, written in blood, and full of obviously evil demonic stuff! I should read aloud from it!" - Redditor PM-me-Sonic-OCs

Loki from *Avengers: Infinity War*.

"Thor had found the locations of every Infinity Stone. Loki had the Space Stone. If Loki had used the stone to teleport himself and the Revengers away from Thanos’ attack, they could successfully unite all of the Infinity Stones against Thanos while he still only had the Power Stone and they could kill him." - Reddito ClownPrinceofLime

Howard from *Uncut Gems*.

He locked up the dangerous men who had been hired to get the money he owed.

This decision cost him and his brother-in-law's life. Lesson learned: don't mess with dangerous men.

The camp counselors from *Friday the 13th*.

"Had the negligent camp counselors at Camp Crystal Lake never let Jason Voorhees drown, his mother wouldn’t have went on a murderous rampage, and Jason wouldn’t have had to come back to life and avenge his mother’s death. Essentially dozens of innocent people would never have been murdered, and Jason could have grown up to be a decent citizen. You had one job camp counselors!" - Redditor Rossi-5

Candace in *You*.

"Sure, Love killing her was out of the blue but even before that she wasn't very careful. She seemed way too casual. Not doing her research, not calling the cops, not having any back-up." - Redditor nikipicky

Georgie in *IT*.

Oh, Georgie.

We understand that you were a kid, but if we saw a creepy clown hiding in a sewer with sharp teeth, we wouldn't go into the small space to get a paper boat.

Quicksilver in *Avengers: Age of Ultron*.

"Quicksilver's death in a whole is stupid. First, he could've done what you said. Second, THE BULLET COULD'VE VERY WELL GONE THROUGH HIM AND HIT HAWKEYE ANYWAY!" - Redditor Grey_Hawk98

Kate in *47 Meters Down*.

She's the one who convinces her sister to go into shark-infested waters.

But instead of doing this through a legit company, she found some random thrill-seekers who don't even have a reliable or safe cage.

Iosef Tarasov from *John Wick*.

So many people wouldn't have lost their lives if Iosef Tarasov didn’t kill John's puppy. Also, what a monster for doing that!!

Why would you want to go toe-to-toe with a legend who's guaranteed to gt revenge?

Beth from *The Walking Dead*.


Just when the character was winning over viewers, she had to go and try to take the life of Officer Dawn.

She tried to stab the police officer in armor with a small pair of scissors… only to get shot.

Everyone who got dusted in *Avengers: Infinity War*.

Ugh, this one is still so infuriating. Like the mayor in Jaws, Star-Lord got a lot of people (including himself) killed in Infinity War.

Basically, when Star-Lord and the others were trying to get Thano's glove off, he got blinded by rage over Gamora's death and started punching Thanos. This resulted in Thanos overpowering him and getting away.

Walter White in *Breaking Bad*.


"NO ONE ELSE would have died if Walt hadn't so carelessly left that Walt Whitman book on the back of the toilet. Walt would have gotten away with everything, and Hank would be none the wiser." - Redditor darthXmagnus