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Quotes About Getting Older That Have Us Feeling Our Age

Have you ever seen something, heard something, or maybe even just said something that made you stop and think, "Wow, I'm getting old"? I definitely have. And it's quite the sobering experience.

We'd like to think we're going to be young and fun forever, but aging is just one of those inevitable things about life that we all have to deal with. One day you wake up and suddenly you have opinions on things you never did before, like volume limits on the TV, new subdivisions, and modern "music" that doesn't sound much like music to you.

If you're also feeling your age, I think you're really going to enjoy these quotes.

My body is like a little chorus singing about how old I am.

I used to just get up off the couch, and that was it. Now it's a whole production, compete with grunting, sighing, and a little break halfway through.

My body also likes to keep me guessing.

Just when I think my neck is healed, my right knee decides to start aching as if I ran a marathon yesterday, as opposed to just my usual routine of lying on the couch watching Netflix.

Those are the best nights.

To be honest, I'm really not sure how I ever lasted a full 8 hours without my bladder waking me up with the same urgency as a water balloon getting ready to burst.

They really do, though.

When I'm lying in bed at night trying to get to sleep, nothing upsets me more than hearing an obnoxiously loud car squealing down the road outside my window.

Who's that impressing? Absolutely no one.

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