People Are Carving Gorgeous Sunflower Designs Into Pumpkins

So, what are you carving into your pumpkin this year? A traditional Jack-O'-Lantern face? A favorite TV or movie character? A spooky ghost, or maybe a scary face?

If you're not sure what to go with, how about something new? These amazing sunflower pumpkins are sure to give you the inspiration you need to do something a little different with your pumpkins this year,

You could start with something simple...

Like these cute, chunky flowers! Since the petals don't toych one another, you won't need to worry about making a mistake or two while cutting. And those holes in the middle are easy as pie! (Pumpkin pie, to be specific.)

What about something right in the middle?

Like this cute design! There's very little of the middle to do, but those edges might take some careful maneuvering. I'd definitely recommend printing out a guide to follow!

This one is a bit more complex.

You might need to be a master carver to do this one. There's a lot of different details here, with different depths used to create a shadowed, textured sunflower.

Or you can do a fun, cartoon flower!

I love how sweet and simple this one is! You'll need to be careful with those overlapping petals, but you won't need to worry about poking holes in the center. How cute!