Charcuterie Board With Built-In Wine Glass Holder Is The Perfect Cocktail Hour Accessory

Meat, cheese and wine on charcuterie board.
Etsy | KingsWoodStore

Well, here's a game changer. It's so hard to juggle a small plate with cheese and charcuterie, a wine glass, and your desire to consume them simultaneously, isn't it? But not with this handy charcuterie board with built-in wine glass holder. Charcuterie boards have become a massive trend on social media in recently, and it's a perfect accessory to impress your guests.

Now you can easily eat and quaff to your heart's content. Bring on happy hour!

We're so on board with this built-in wine holder.

Charcuterie board with win holder, meat and cheese.
Etsy | KingsWoodStore

This hand-carved board measures about 10 by 5 inches, and has plenty of room for all your favorite cocktail hour snacks and nibbles. But best of all, it features a small nook in which you can neatly fit a stemmed glass for all your wine-and-cheese adventures.

It's personalized and portable.

Girl holding charcuterie board with wine holder.
Etsy | KingsWoodStore

This board's portability is perfect for making socially distanced adventures feel elegant no matter where you are.

This wood make a lovely gift.

Charcuterie board on mat.
Etsy | KingsWoodStore

This is a great gift idea for a couple, or it would make an excellent accessory for your next party.

This is what we call an essential design.

Giphy | Kim Crawford

Oh, did we mention that these boards are also super lightweight? Which means you can pile on the snacks — and the wine, of course.

Order them on Etsy for $45.00.