Tyra Banks Responds To Criticism On 'DWTS' Hosting Gig After Replacing Tom Bergeron

Tyra Banks is responding to all the negativity she's received since taking over the hosting gig from Tom Bergeron on Dancing with the Stars.

It's no secret long-time host Tom Bergeron was a highlight of the show for many dedicated DWTS fans, and they were not happy when news broke that Tom was being replaced for season 29.

Now, Tyra is speaking out.

One look at Twitter during an episode of *Dancing with the Stars* and it's clear to see people aren't impressed with Tyra Banks as the new host.

Apparently, a lot of DWTS fans are not ones to give someone a break when they're taking over a whole new show!

Now, Tyra is addressing the controversy on TikTok.

"Tonight I hosted the second episode of Dancing with the Stars ... and yeah, it wasn't perfect," Tyra admitted on the video, posted Tuesday night, as per Entertainment Tonight.

"Yeah, I had a lot of fun but I messed up, I said the wrong words, but I kept, kept going."

Tyra then went on to compare her situation to DWTS contestant Skai Jackson, who made a mistake during her samba with partner Alan Bersten earlier this week.

"She got back up and she kept going, and because of that she's here for another week," she continued.

"So the message is: I messed up this week, Skai messed up this week, but we're gonna keep on going and going."

"Forgive yourself when you mess up and keep going," she concluded.

I think Tyra will soon get a lot more comfortable and will hopefully prove everyone wrong!

h/t: Entertainment Tonight.

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