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There's A Condo In Florida That's Decorated In Floor-To-Ceiling Budweiser Beer Cans

If you've been dreaming of the perfect home where you can sit back, relax, and crack a couple of brews, have we ever found the spot for you!

This condo, located in Lake Worth, Florida, has been dubbed the 'House of Budweiser,' and for good reason: it's decorated in floor-to-ceiling Budweiser cans.

No, you're not looking at it through beer goggles.

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The 815-square-foot condo, which used to belong to Michael Amelotte, a Navy veteran, is covered (walls and ceilings!) in hundreds of cans of empties that the owner consumed over the course of 16 years.

Sadly, Amelotte died in June, and the condo was sold in early September for an undisclosed amount.

It's the King of Condos.

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Amelotte bought the two-bedroom abode in 1986, and started decorating it with his empties around 1990. He completed his project in 2006, and interestingly, his decor reflects the evolution of Budweiser's branding and design over the years.

A born and bred Bud man.

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Amelotte was a steadfast consumer of Budweiser and never wavered in his love for the brand, according to a friend.

But one thing's for certain, he showed some restraint in his design, because the bathrooms were left beer can-free.

This Bud's for someone.

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When Anheuser-Busch caught word of this condo, they decided to do something pretty cool — they offered to keep the new owner's fridge stocked with Bud for an entire year provided they didn't alter the decor.

I hope whoever bought this place is planning on having a few buds over to celebrate.

Whoever landed this house owes it to all the beer lovers to drink to their heart's content, maybe even with some socially distanced buddies.

Budweiser is still waiting to hear from the new owners about the offer, though we can't imagine many people turning down this tipsy venture.

h/t Insider