Quotes For Anyone Who's Entered The 'Boring Adult' Stage Of Life

For a long time, I really resisted thinking of myself as an adult, even once I know I was definitely already well into that stage of my life.

I guess I was reluctant to think of myself as someone who is no longer given a free-pass to be silly, immature, and without any responsibilities whatsoever. But when you reach a certain age, there's really no denying it anymore: you're old, baby.

If you've also accepted you've leveled-up into the "boring adult" stage of life, then I think you're really going to enjoy these quotes!

It's just not possible.

I've reached this point where I know it's totally pointless to try and put a movie on after 8 PM, or to promise to attend any sort of event that begins after the sun has already gone down.

My day ends at 9 PM sharp, no exceptions.

But it's so *clean*!

I'm not even remotely ashamed about this one. You don't know true satisfaction until you've tossed away your grungy, worn-down sponge in favor of a brand new, untouched one that still smells like absolutely nothing.

I just got chills thinking about it.

These are all literally my favorite things.

You're telling me I can't go to that social event I was dreading, I have to go to bed at 8, and I'm not allowed to leave the house for any reason?

That's my Saturday night. And, you know, every other night of the week, too.

Hear me out: what if it's the robot kind?

When my boyfriend came home with a vacuum that literally directs itself, I danced around my apartment and drank an entire bottle of wine to celebrate.

I don't care if that means I'm a boring adult. That's the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life.

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