17+ Times The Camera Caught Our Massive Slip-Ups

Cameras are great, as they can help us to preserve wonderful moments that we may want to reflect on in later life! However, they can also be used to catch us when we make our most ridiculous errors!

So, with this in mind, here are 17+ times the camera caught our massive slip-ups!

"Balls up!"

Wow, this looks like her hands are about to go right through his head! I feel like you could also photoshop swords into their arms and turn this into a medieval sword-fight quite easily!

"I especially like the sunglasses in midair..."

This is a pretty good demonstration as to why it is not a good idea to ride a motorbike in flip flops and short shorts.


What really hurts here is that steins full of beer can cost a damn fortune! Also, how hard were they cheers-ing? Those steins aren't thin!

"Seconds before disaster."

The absolute worst thing about this is that this guy isn't wearing shoes while riding a bike! What madness is that?! It cannot just be me who is baffled by that?

"Sister in law got married, this is the second she realized she got BBQ sauce on her dress. Hubby still golden."

Blue cups at a wedding? Now that is a wedding I can get on board with! Also, is it just me who thinks that this man has the shiniest head on the planet?


That guy's shirt is painfully white as well! I hope that it didn't catch any friendly fire after this incident!

"Article about a Swedish family having offline and 'screen free' sundays."

In fairness, what other facial expression do you expect from people playing Monopoly? It could only be worse if they were playing UNO.

"Marat Safin lifting a tennis trophy."

Judging from the face on the guy in the bottom right, it was either his job to check the trophy over beforehand, or he simply knows that somehow he is going to end up being blamed for this regardless!


It is common knowledge that seagulls are absolute fiends for literally any seaside snack and have no sense of personal space, so I don't know how this person didn't see this coming!

"Forward March! Except that guy on the right!"

"Dave, you coming, we need to get to the next fish bar before it closes... Dave?"

*Spurious penguin vomiting noises...

"Mom reflexes!"

I can just imagine her seeing this, and then saying in that classic parent voice, "Oooh, are you alright? Walk it off!"

"Just another wedding in Russia!"

Normally I wake up after a wedding with a headache because I drank far too much, not because I was thrown head-first into a ceiling.

"My baby's first birthday. We had no idea there was a sparkler in the candle!"

I love how the baby is not in the slightest bit phased about this somewhat excessive birthday candle!

"Swinging gone wrong."

Considering that swings are supposed to be designed for kids, most of the injuries I have sustained in my life have been from messing around on swings... as both a child and a drunk adult!

"That moment when your handlebars come off your bike..."

That is one of the sad things about riding a bicycle as well, you sort of need the handlebars for the bike to work!

"The one that got away..."

That man has the face of someone who has not caught a single thing all day and is not going to let this fish go without a fight!

"Bridal shower!"

That man's face has such a relatable expression of, "Oh, God I am going to be in so much trouble in a second!"

"That one Christmas when a champagne cork hit me in the eye."

Can you imagine if this was the way you lost an eye? That would be the most bougie injury on the planet!

"I was out skydiving and... F*CK! MY KEYS!"

"Hi, I'm calling as I need a new set of keys."

"That's no problem, what happened to your last set?"

"Look, you're not going to believe this..."

"So my neighbors put a headboard out for the trash and apparently forgot something..."

How long do you reckon they spent looking for the keys for those and trying to break them off before they just gave up and put it out anyway?