New Holland Honeyeaters Are Black And White With Just The Right Pop Of Yellow

If I were to visit one place in the world specifically for bird-watching, it would be Australia. From the pink cockatoos that wander the streets like New York pigeons, to the pink-breasted robins, they just have so many amazing birds to see.

Now I can add another cutie to my bird watching: the New Holland Honeyeater.

Just look at these sweethearts!

Their black and white stripes are really eye-catching and then they have that perfect pop of yellow. It's like something a designer would come up with.

You probably guessed from the name that these guys like sweets.

They eat mostly nectar, but will also enjoy fruit, seeds, and insects on occasion.

In this video of a few joining a morning tea, you can see their tongues lapping up the leftover jam on a plate.

Their range covers most of southern Australia and they often flock together with other honeyeater species.

New Holland Honeyeaters are very social with humans and love baths, so a yard with a bird bath is the perfect way to entice them to visit.

Both males and females look the same, though the females are slightly smaller.

Juveniles are brown and have gray eyes instead of white.

They are also commonly confused with White-cheeked honeyeater's, which look very similar, but large white patches on their cheeks and dark eyes.

h/t: Birds in Backyards

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