Get Cozy While Embracing Your Dark Side With Crochet Villain Blankets From Etsy

What's cozier than a nice, warm blanket on a cool night?

A blanket in the shape of a villain's outfit, that's what. Specifically, Disney villains! From Maleficent to the Queen of Hearts, one Etsy shop has set out to create easy-to-follow crochet patterns that create beautiful, only slightly evil, blankets.

First up: Maleficent!

The iconic villain from Sleeping Beauty has had a massive rise in popularity over the last few years, thanks to Disney's live-action Maleficent.

Now, you can wear her dress as a cozy blanket, thanks to CarolHladikDesigns!

And yes, you can even make the head piece.

Etsy | CarolHladikDesigns

Because what's Maleficent's look without the horns? In addition to the blanket pattern, CarolHladikDesigns also offers a pattern to make your own horns. Not gonna lie, that would be an awesome Halloween project.

Maybe the Queen of Hearts is more your style.

Off with their heads! This Queen of Hearts-inspired blanket would complement any Disney-loving home. You can get the pattern right here for $5! The Queen of Hearts might think she's worth more, but we know she's not.

Of course, we have to get Ursula up in here.

We can't talk about Disney villains without Ursula! Her pattern looks the coziest to me. I mean, those tentacles are amazing! You can get her pattern for $5 right here.