Spooky Owl Candle Reveals A Metal Skeleton Inside As It Melts

Is there anything cooler than a candle that melts to reveal a surprise?

Some candles have jewelry inside them, sure. But that's so not in keeping with the spirit of the spooky season. Instead, let's check out a candle that melts to reveal a skeleton. That's way more Halloween-y, don't you think?

Meet the owl candle.

It's so sweet and cute, and yet it hides a dark little secret. The owl actually comes in four colors. This is obviously the purple one. Don't worry, we'll get to the others!

Meet the owl skeleton.

It's alive! The candle slowly melts around an aluminum skeleton! The flames will move through the eyes and slots of the skeleton, giving it an eerie, spooky appearance as it burns.

It truly is the perfect Halloween decor.

It's about six inches tall, so you could have a whole flock of them burning at the same time! The candles are also unscented, which is great for those with sensitive noses.

It comes in five different colors.


Look how cute they are! All of the skeleton candles are available on Amazon for $29 each. Pick yours up and delight guests with a spooky surprise from a sweet-looking owl!

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