People Are Sharing The Most Random Movie A Teacher Ever Played In Class

There were few things as exciting as your teacher, or even better your substitute teacher, rolling in the TV stand on a rainy Monday morning.

Of course, kids today will never know the excitement that rolling TV stand + VHS player combo made us feel, but we the oldies will never forget.

What do teachers use now?! BLU-RAY?! GET OUTTA HERE!

Now, Twitter is sharing the most random movies they ever watched on those TVs and it is *nostalgic AF*!

There was nothing better than listening to your homeroom teacher justify why you were watching Grease in English class... for the 3rd time that semester.

User @HannahRileyH had a *very* interesting story to tell!

"My Health teacher went on Paternity leave &the ONLY thing he left for the sub was a DVD of Groundhog Day," they shared. "We literally watched Groundhog Day over and over and over and over and the irony and audacity has scarred me for life. I can’t listen to I’ve Got You Babe ever again..."

This is truly... a haunting story.

The idea of an entire school stopping EVERYTHING for the *Stuart Little* sequel feels VERY right to me!


I hope @PierceGM23 knows how lucky he is to have had such a lavish viewing party!

Okay me as a math teacher, TBH.

Let's do an equation right now!

What does two hotties (Chris Pine and Tom Hardy) plus one hungover teacher equal?! THIS MEANS WAR DURING SUMMER SCHOOL!

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