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Smartfood Snickerdoodle Is Coming In Time For Comfort Food Snacking Season

The fall season just got a lot sweeter after Smartfood announced their new Snickerdoodle flavor!

We don't know about you guys, but for us, the holidays are never complete without some seriously delicious Snickerdoodle cookies, and now we can stop crumbling them up to add to our popcorn.

Smart snacking just got smarter.

We're ones to pack our pantry with Smartfood because, duh, smart is baked right into the name. But with Smartfood Snickerdoodle, we're sensing some serious genius vibes.

We've got a kernel of wisdom for you.

At 50 calories a cup or less, who needs to wake up with a cookie induced tummy ache again?

We'd much rather be happily munching our popcorn with a hint of cookie sweetness.

Mix, match, and snack.

Smartfood also has other delicious flavors, like caramel cinnamon apple, white cheddar, flammin' hot white cheddar, and even Cap'n Crunch Berries. Our suggestion? Get a really big bowl and start mixin' up flavors.

Get ready to celebrate while you munch and crunch.

These sweet treats are arriving to stores the second week of October, so get ready because the lines are gonna be poppin'.

Don't delay, these limited edition snacks may not stay on the shelves very long.

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