10+ Fan Theories That We Kind Of Wish Were True

Have you ever found a fan theory that you were just so certain was true? I sure have. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether or not we're right on the money, or totally out to lunch.

Below are 10+ wild fan theories that we kind of wish were true. Regardless of whether or not they're factual, there's no refuting that these theories could change our perspective forever.

1. *The Shining* apologizes for the moon landing.

Stanley Kubrick is said to have played a part in 'faking' the moon landing, according to conspiracy theorists.

The Shining is filled with subtle hints alluding to just that. Look at Danny's sweater! Also, room 237 could be a reference to the fact that the moon is roughly 237,000 miles from earth.

2. Is Donny just a figment of Walter's imagination in *The Big Lebowski*?

Hear me out: Donny doesn't interact with anyone else in the film, other than Walter. He's always shown in the background, never in the forefront of a scene.

The theory states that Donny is one of Walter's Vietnam War buddies who were killed in action.

3. Bruce Wayne is really dead and Alfred is hallucinating in *The Dark Knight Rises*.

Earlier in the film, Alfred explains to Bruce that his greatest hope is to one day see him happy with a wife and family.

The final scene plays out just as Alfred imagined, but is it all in his head? Did Bruce really die in the Bat-wing?

4. Willy Wonka is a cannibal in *Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory*.

Come on, as soon as you were subjected to that terrifying tunnel scene, a part of you knew that Willy Wonka was up to no good.

How did he have those songs prepared? Why were there always the precise number of seats available as they moved rooms? Because he planned it.

5. Jar-Jar Binks is one with the Dark Side in *Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace*.

I didn't want to believe it at first but there is a substantial amount of evidence that supports the notion that Jar-Jar was in fact a Sith Lord.

Some have even gone so far as to suggest that Jar-Jar and Emperor Snoke are one and the same.

6. Ferris only exists in Cameron's head in *Ferris Bueller's Day Off*.

Think of this as kind of a comedic Fight Club. Ferris is the living embodiment of Cameron's id, he's everything he wishes he was but could never and will never be.

7. Jack Dawson from *Titanic* is a time traveler.

More than that, he's a Terminator sent from the future to ensure the survival of Rose Dawson!

Many point to Jack's knowledge of places and events, like Lake Wissota, that didn't exist in 1912 as proof of the theory. His fashion sense is also incredibly ahead of its time.

8. In *Us*, Jason is a Tethered, too!

Watch at the beginning of the movie — Jason is building tunnels on the beach instead of sandcastles.

At the end of the film, he also shares a knowing smile with his mother before quickly donning his mask.

9. Cobb was dreaming the whole time in *Inception*.

It seems a bit reductionist to say "It was all a dream," but in the case of Dominic Cobb — it really was!

The kids are what give it away. If it wasn't a dream, then why aren't they any older at the end of the film?

10. Is James Mason really James Bond in *The Rock*?

If you buy into the James Bond theory that 007 is a title, rather than a person, it makes a lot of sense.

Plus. Sean Connery did play both parts — so why not?

11. The real world in *The Matrix* is still just a simulation.

How else could Neo manipulate the machines? Or be able to pilot a ship even though his eyes had just been burned out of his head?

Or the fact that Agent Smith was able to 'possess' a human being? It all makes sense when you add it up.

12. *Aladdin* takes place in a post-apocalyptic future.

That's right, Aladdin takes place in the future — not in the past.

Think about it, how else would the Genie have had all of this pop culture knowledge? Jack Nicholson certainly didn't exist in 500 AD.

13. John Wick is trapped in *The Matrix*.

Have you ever noticed how the civilians in John Wick are extremely nonchalant? Did you wonder why the assassins seem to operate on an incredibly basic, almost binary payment system?

Well, it's because John Wick is nothing more than a combat training program, running through Neo's mind.

14. The briefcase in *Pulp Fiction* contains Marsellus Wallace's soul, which he bought back from the Devil.

It's a common belief that the soul resides in the human head.

Marsellus Wallace's bandaid on the back of his skull is the spot where his soul was removed.

Also, the combination on the briefcase is 666 — the number of the Beast.

Jules is even asked by the robbers if the contents of the case are valuable, his response is "Only to Marsellus Wallace."

What do you think? What are some of your favorite fan theories? Leave a comment and let us know!