School District Reminds Parents To Wear 'Proper Clothing' While Their Kids Are In Virtual School

In education right now, it's a whole new world for parents, students, and teachers. With the ongoing battle against coronavirus, many school districts are pushing for complete remote learning, or a hybrid learning model with some in-person sessions. With governments mandating social distancing, going to school "normally" is a thing of the past right now.

Across the country, parents are opting to keep their kids at home.

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With fears of a second wave of virus infections coming this fall, many parents opted to keep their children at home for remote learning this year. The risk of their children getting sick at school was far too high for many.

While they are keeping their children safe, there are many problems that students face doing school at home.

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From WiFi issues to not getting that one-on-one help from teachers like they usually do in school, many students struggle with the platform of doing "remote learning" and not being in a physical classroom.

Truly, remote learning can be hard on everyone.

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Many students struggle with remote learning. Being at home does not make staying motivated in class easy. There are tons of distractions at home, including student's families and pets.

While kids may be online doing school work, adults at home are still... well... at home too.

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Some are working from home, others are taking care of children who are too young for school, and some are simply at home because it is the safest place to be during the pandemic. But, some adults don't realize that while they are living their life, their kids are busy trying to get their education.

Recently, one school district realized that some adults at home are interfering with their children's learning process.

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Teachers from Boca Raton, Florida are reporting that while teaching, they've seen some parents and families acting rather inappropriately in the background of their student's web calls with peers and teachers.

And, it's not just a few teachers who are reporting these problems.

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One Palm Beach County teacher said they witnessed some wild behaviors in early morning classes.

"We had a father, no shirt. Drinking a beer at about 11:45 in the morning," he told CBS 12 News.

The same teacher reported that there were also parents doing some illegal things on camera.

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"Parents are smoking, parents are smoking marijuana. I mean, I don't really care if people do that, but you shouldn't be in the screen doing that," he said.

Schools in Boca Raton are now asking parents to ensure they are dressed during their kids remote learning sessions.

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"Parents, please make sure that you have on proper clothing when you are walking in front of or behind the child's computer. Cause we've seen them in their drawers, their bras, and everything else," the school said in a statement.

Overall, it's safe to say that parents and guardians should get dressed before their kids log on.

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The last thing you want to do is be known as the parent who walked across the Zoom class in their underwear, or even worse —naked! It's time to check yourself, parents.

h/t: CBS 12 News