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Turn Your Baby Into The Friendliest Phantom With A Ghost Swaddle Sack And Hat Set

It truly is never too early to start dressing your baby up in adorable costumes. In fact, take advantage of it while they're still too young to have an opinion, I say! But it's doubtful that any baby would fight you on this super cute crochet ghost swaddle and matching hat, anyway.

If I know babies — and it's questionable that I do — they're all about maximizing cuteness. Whether they're aware of it or not.

Make your baby the ghostess with the mostess.

Etsy | illumiknitiDesign

This DIY crochet pattern is perfect for anyone looking for a fun and cute project that will undoubtedly turn into a cherished heirloom.

The instructions are easy to follow and work well with various crochet skill levels.

This little one is boo-tiful.

Etsy | illumiknitiDesign

As the evenings get crisper and Halloween approaches, this is the perfect outfit to keep Baby warm, snuggly, and hauntingly adorable.

Something special for your baby-boo.

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Once purchased, you can easily download the directions and get to worsting, hooking, and making memories.

Don't be afraid to experiment with colors and designs for your little ghost.

You'll likely make a spooktacle of your baby's cuteness — and that's OK!

Step aside, Casper. There's a new, and much cuter, friendly ghost in town.

The pattern is available on Etsy for $4.

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