Mom Shares Emotional Facebook Post After Being 'Forced' Off A Flight Due To Airline's Mask Policy

If one thing is for sure about this past year, it's that 2020 has changed the way in which the world moves and operates. After the coronavirus pandemic swept the entire world, many countries are still dealing with the aftermath of the virus and trying to control infection rates. For many countries, wearing a mask and social distancing are two strategies that are going to stay for the foreseeable future.

Government mandates have stayed in place in order to attempt to "flatten the curve."

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In many places, especially the United States, the government is doing everything they can to ensure that the virus does not peak again and we don't have to deal with a second wave.

Many places are now making it mandatory to wear a mask when entering their establishment.

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Stores, offices, and even transportation services are making it mandatory to wear a mask when using or entering their facility. Many places are saying it's a "no mask, no service" policy. Some places are even issuing fines for those who fail to comply.

While adults are following the mandated rules pretty well, it seems as though it's harder for children to do the same.

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Many young children are struggling with keeping masks on, or wearing them at all, when out in public.

One mom recently opened up about an experience she had while flying with American Airlines.

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Rachel Starr Davis had some issues when flying with her two-year-old son on the airline. She opened up about the issues she ran into on Facebook, in a lengthy tell-all.

Alongside a photo, she wrote: "The eyes of a mama-bear who just bawled her eyes out as she was forced off an airplane because her two-year-old wouldn’t keep his mask on."

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"I tried repeatedly, begged him, bribed him, pleaded with him, did everything I could while he was screaming and crying as I tried to hold him and put the mask on, feeling my absolute lowest of lows as a mother," she said.

Davis said that immediately, the flight crew was asking her how old her son was and asking him to wear a mask during their flight.

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"Before I even sat in my seat, flight attendant Terry on American Airlines flight 5595 from Charlotte, NC to Manchester, NH on September 17th, approached me and asked how old my son is, and demanded according to their policy he wear a mask.

I told her this is our fourth American Airlines flight this week, and he has never been asked to wear a mask. She informed me he (my overtired two-year-old son) would need to comply with their company policy or we would be asked to leave the aircraft," she wrote.

The airline gave Davis a choice.

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"I’ll save you the rest of the horror that happened on the plane, as I continued trying to get him to wear the mask, bawling my eyes out and hyperventilating behind my own suffocating mask.

Desperate to get home after the worst week. He would have been asleep before we even pushed back if they had just been humans. Everyone around us appalled at the airlines behavior. The pilot had the final say, Lyon wears the mask or they will escort us off the plane," she wrote.

However, the airline decided to make the entire flight deplane, instead of just Davis and her son.

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"Rather than get themselves any bad press by escorting a crying mom and two year old off the plane, they forced everyone to deplane, and wouldn’t let us back on the flight home. Apparently before we got off the plane everyone who left before us lit up the crew in the gate area.

The Captain walking right by me as I screamed my head off in my absolute worst moment.

They moved us to a flight tonight, on the same airline who’s company policy kicked us off the last flight, because my two-year-old son wouldn’t keep a mask securely over his nose and mouth at all times," she wrote.

According to American Airlines official policy, all passengers and crew members must wear a secure face covering or mask during flights.

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Only children under the age of two are exempt from the policy, according to the airline's website.

Davis shared the story with others, wanting to let everyone know about her own experience.

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"This is the world we live in? This is not a mask debate. This is a ‘be a god damned human’ debate.

I will NEVER fly American Airlines ever again," she ended her post with.

Her post has since gone viral on Facebook with thousands of people commenting and sharing her post.

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While many Facebook users came out to support Davis and agreed that the mask policy was too strict for toddlers, others said the crew members were simply doing their job.

What do you think, who was in the wrong here?

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