15+ People Who Have No Idea What Trouble They're In

Disaster can strike at any moment! And, while some of us are good at seeing these disasters coming, there are some people who are slightly more oblivious to the world around them!

And, with this idea in mind, please enjoy these hilarious 14+ times that people had no idea they were in trouble!

"2020 has hit Sesame Street hard too."

Reddit | TeardropsFromHell

Wow, this image hits hard. It's heartbreaking to think of how many beloved childhood Tv characters go hungry each year!

An 8-Year-Old's Apology For Bingeing Too Much *Spongebob*...

Reddit | haolecoder

This parent wrote, "Last night my kids went crazy and bought a bunch of Sponge Bob episodes on the Playstation Store [...] only realized it after getting the bill in my email. After getting them in trouble [...] I found this note on my bed from my 8 year old."

"0.5 seconds before realizing she missed the glass."

Reddit | catnip4sale

There are few greater crimes on Earth than spilling wine. It doesn't even have to be good wine, it's the principle of the thing! Well, that and the fact that it looks like a right hike to the nearest liquor store!

"Real bummer when he wakes up and realizes."

Reddit | AzBrah

Okay, so one of the few greater crimes than spilling wine is dropping your drunken takeout! What else is he going to have for breakfast now when he is too hungover to cook?

"Baker lost something. Wonder if he noticed or not..."

Reddit | MyLoveBox

"Hi honey, how did the baking go today? Did you get that order of banana bread done okay?"

"Jane, I have absolutely no idea."

"Took 2 months to receive this mushroom grow kit due to a misplaced package slip. It arrived like this."

Reddit | paramedic999

Well, I think one thing is for sure, that is definitely a mushroom growing kit in that box! A fun gift for a fun-gi.

"I want to know who made this necessary?!"

Reddit | MostGuest7

Yeah, whoever made this rule necessary needs to really start thinking of their blood sugar levels.

"Here's my friend buried in the sand the second before he was beaned in the head with a football."

Reddit | mzkpenguin

I would never let any of my friends bury me up to my neck in sand, and this picture should serve as adequate evidence as to why.

Prospective Homeowners Beware!

Reddit | mattblack77

I don't know what people could possibly expect otherwise from moving next to a farm. I mean, everyone knows what happens on farms...don't they?!

"A picture of my [friend's] little cousin before and after his first day of kindergarten... Broken."

Reddit | redditismybible

That kid has the thousand-yard stare that everyone has after they realize that life really isn't all break times and cartoons!

"What happens when you don't notice the 'kids-size' part of the ad when ordering furniture online."

Reddit | musicforthedeaf

They must surely have thought that something was strange when they saw a leather armchair for around $45?

"My University recently closed the basement to the Library. I had no idea of the danger we were in."

Reddit | chrigod

Oh, sure, this university can find the time to fight off a mythical snake-creature that kills people with its eyes, but it took my uni three years to fix the printer in our common area.

"As I snapped the selfie, I told Samuel L. Jackson to pose how he really felt about doing these kinds of things."

Reddit | mobyrich

Ooft, that's not someone you want to get on the wrong side of! As someone pointed out, you should have "asked" him to do this pose, not "told" him!

"Lil dude had to get shaved for surgery."

Reddit | vxccr

Personally, I think that he is really rocking the three quarter-length trousers look! Most cats aren't bold enough to try such a look!

"I went out of town for a few days and came home to my dog who seems to want to have a word with me about it."

Reddit | MillerLyte20

"Where have you been, David?!"

"I'm 44, Snuffles, I'm allowed to go on holiday from time to time!"

"That's it, go to your room and think about what you have done! After you've scratched my belly of course."

"The moment before I was hit with my son's new drone."

Reddit | NoraRose_86

Thankfully, the mother who posted this photo went on to say that it was only a light drone and it didn't hurt! Although, even if you take a light one of those to the eyeball, they hurt... Trust me.

"Literally being held by a thread."

Reddit | agroyle

That poor person is one thread away from a very healthy bill! The person who took this did say that they warned this woman, after taking this anxiety-inducing picture of course.

"A picture of my brother in P.E class today."

Reddit | Malonezone27

They put in literally zero effort trying to fool people into thinking they are actually exercising. The Cheetos bag is just rubbing cheesy dust in the wound as well!

"Terrifying image of great white shark captured near beach."

That guy looks ready to tear an arm off! Not even pets or treats will satiate him!

"Asked my sister if my nephew was enjoying the wedding; this is the picture she sent back."

This entirely depends on when he put the mask on. Was it before he left for the wedding? That's fine, kids wear weird things. During the wedding? I'd start running.

"At least they're honest."

I can imagine the rage these employees must be feeling, yet they're still able to hold it back enough to only call the people who didn't show up "trash" instead of anything worse. I commend the restraint.

"Satan would be so proud."

Who knew Satanists were so communicative about their scheduling! So courteous!

"Seven... is the number of items I can place on or around the cat before he gets pissed."

That's a special kind of pissed. Look at that face. He's so fed up. You won't make it through the night.

Back By Popular Demand.

Think this statue is terrifying? So do I, but apparently there's a story behind it: "In my home town there's a pet shop [that has] this sculpture at the entrance. [...] Last year the administration thought it was too ugly and asked to have it removed. The town fought back and the ugly dog is now back."

"It looks like a cartoon mouse jumped through my wall."

No cartoon cat-shaped hole that followed? The mouse must have finally lost him.

Some Hot Shingles.

Yes, I'm aware this is about roof tiles. However, I had a friend who recently had the infection kind of shingles, so this sign becomes a lot less appealing when thinking about that.

"My [boyfriend's] grandfather figured out how to use photoshop and has this framed in his house."

For a guy's first time using Photoshop, this is really impressive. I can only imagine what future Christmas cards will look like.

"A local church created a cook book in the [1960s]. This was submitted by one of the churchgoers."

I'm fully aware this is a joke, but I think I'd be far more concerned about the inclusion of elephant in my food than I would about a hare or a hair.

"Don’t choose the red kids bath paint."

I used to dye my hair red every month or so in high school. I feel this pain.

"Seen in my neighborhood. Honk!"

Hopefully, the celebration was truly felt by all! Also, it's good to know there's a market for signs like these.

"My [son's] answers for online school work."

Oh please, this is the internet we're talking about here. No one's kind.

"Found this gem at work."

Twerking is hard work! It requires extreme amounts of focus to get it just right!

"The second before realising..."

Reddit | Bierrr

I think that she might literally be the only person who hasn't yet realized what is happening in this picture!

"Baby number two on the way..."

I'm the youngest, so I don't know this exact feeling, but I get how much of a bummer it is when you're no longer the center of attention.

"I had no idea what a classy neighborhood I lived in."

Reddit | bbear500

Looks like Janet Miller is going to be in for a lovely surprise when she sees this! Also, I love how they have made this sign look like a lovely kid's craft project!