10+ Times Getting A Matching Tattoo With Your Parents Was Actually Cool

For most of us, once we become teenagers, our parents are instantly deemed uncool. I know, I know. It doesn't sound fair (especially since they spent so many sleepless nights taking care of us), but that's just the way it is.

While most of us would have shuddered at the thought of matching with our parents in any way during our teenage years, when we get older, we realize that matching with our parents can be pretty cool — especially when it comes to tattoos.

This adorable Mrs. Potts and Chip tattoo.

Nothing says parental love quite like Disney movies and some of our favorite characters. This is a sweet tattoo to get with any of your parents, but especially your mom.

Who doesn't love these little furry friends?

Meerkats are adorable and sweet and clearly hold some meaning for this family. These tattoos are done with great details and look amazing!

Definitely a favorite of the set.

The Addams Family just love each other a little bit differently than everyone else. Despite their dark interests, there's no greater love than the love they share.

“My dad, my sister, and I got matching tattoos yesterday.”

Harry Potter fans know this one is a winner. This is a shared love that all of the kids enjoy, so much so that even their dad got involved. Love it.

Getting this right from dad's arm.

“My dad has had this snake on his arm since I was born. I’m now 32, and I have a snake of my own. It lives on," they said. That's some great history.

This dad loves his daughter.

“Three years ago, when I turned 18, my dad took me to get my first tattoo. He ended up getting a matching one as well," she said. That's so adorable!

Subtle yet beautiful.

“I got matching tattoos with my mom a couple of days ago. I’m 26, she’s 60. It’s my seventh tattoo and her first one. She’s never been a fan of my tattoos, so it meant a lot when she said she wanted to get these together," she said.

“My mom and I got matching tattoos of Calvin and Hobbes.”

For parents and kids who spent their days reading the comics together, this one holds some serious nostalgia and meaning. So sweet and thoughtful.

This one is touching.

“My mom and I got matching tattoos in the memory of my father. He loved birds.” I love that they both got this for him. It is so symbolic!

Grandma, mom and daughter!

“Three generations of matching tattoos. The tattoo master said that my grandma was the easiest to work on because she was the most still — and it was her first tattoo!”


“My dad and I had a father-daughter rim to rim trip and got matching canyon tattoos to commemorate it!” A trip and a tattoo, what a fun time!

Momma and her baby.

“These are matching tattoos for me (bottom) and my mom (top).”

These are subtle, sweet, and adorable. Moms and babies can't help but stay together.

How cool is this matching whale design?

Most people know that humpback whales are very protective and nurturing mothers, so this tattoo design is perfect for a mother-daughter tattoo. It's also not a very common design, so you and your mom would definitely stand out if you got these tattoos.

Matching flowers for the win.

Flower tattoos are one of those timeless styles that are perfect for matching child-parent tattoos. You can personalize this idea by choosing flowers that have a special meaning, or even using your birth flowers (yes, those are a thing).

How cute are these elephants?

These adorable elephants are the perfect design for a matching tattoo. Plus, the design is small enough that it would make an ideal choice for a first-time tattoo, as well.

Matching bees for the whole family!

I love how these siblings decided to get matching tattoos with their mom, and they even all got the design in the same place. I wonder if bees have any sort of special significance for them? Either way, this is such a cool idea.

Matching calico cats for a mother-daughter tattoo?

Did you know that calico cats are always female? Their unique coloring is the result of their double X chromosomes. Since we now know that calicos are female, this calico design of a mama cat and her kitten is even more fitting for a mother-daughter tattoo. Cat lovers, remember this design.

I don't know what's better: the tattoos or this photo.

This father and son look like they couldn't wait to show off their new matching tattoos. The new ink looks great and this photo is straight-up epic. Good work, guys.

How does that saying go again?

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree"? I guess for this father and son, that saying is true considering that they decided to get these clever matching tattoos.

This bear paw design has hidden details.

This matching tattoo idea was already really cool, but if you look closely, there's more to this design than meets the eye. There's an image of a dad bear and his cub in the middle of the paw. Do you see it?

Luke, I am your father.

For a father-son duo, this is the perfect tattoo. Especially if you are a Star Wars fan, this will be the best way to showcase your undying love for each other.

This one has some deep meaning.

“I got matching tattoos with my oldest daughter. Her macaroni are on the blue background with the text written by me. I have a different background and the text written by her." So sweet!

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