15+ Incredible Things That We Never Noticed People Make

Some inventors and designers stay silent about their creations. Maybe their product is very niche, or is meant to be appreciated by the few who spot it. Regardless of the reasoning, these creations fly under the radar. That is, until someone takes a picture and uploads it to the internet, showing us incredible things that we never noticed people make.

"Real-size plastic model of Nissin Cup Noodles."

I didn't realize there were big enough fanatics about cup noodles to want to own this, but then again I've seen people into weirder stuff.

"Orgone Accumulator, a device sold in the 1950s to allow a person sitting inside to attract orgone, a massless 'healing energy'."

A story regarding this device was shared by the uploader:

"The FDA noted that one purchaser, a college professor, knew it was 'phony' but found it 'helpful because his wife sat quietly in it for four hours every day'."

"A black towel in my hotel room for make-up so the white ones don’t get stained."

I won't dunk too hard on what probably is a good idea, but wouldn't light foundation shades and other bright colors still be visible on a black towel?

"A sailboat I made from a broken canoe and a bunch of garbage I found, yes the sail is held on by zip ties."

I was going to say that calling this a sailboat is being generous, but if it sails and manages to catch wind, I guess that's really what this is.

"Just noticed this thing we always walk by reflects the face of mona lisa."

Yes! The clever integration of art into our everyday surroundings is so cool!

"Therapy dog at my school has socks so his nails don't make noise on the floor."

I've seen little shoes for dogs, but not socks! They match his collar too, how stylish of him.

"The face on the CPR training mannequin is originally cast from a 'death mask' from an unknown young women who drowned in the River Seine in the late 19th century."

Surely this is a practice we can stop doing, right? There are plenty of faces that don't belong to real, long dead people that we can use.

"This USB connector flips up to become a different USB connector."

See, when I think about future technologies, this is what I think of. Does this make me practical, or do I just have a very dull view of the future?

"That globe I found at the library."

I've heard of and see topographical maps before, but never one like this! It's one of those things you just have to touch.

"This was the 'Bicycle of the Future' in 1946."

I wish it had been, this looks cool as hell! Not only does it look neat, but it was also the first ebike! As written by someone in the comments,

"The battery and the cables were internal to the frame. It had a hub motor on the back wheel that even worked as a dynamo to recharge the battery. From what we can read on the original patent, the bike could reach a 8 km/h speed on a 10% uphill slope."

"I Made my fourth [...] Motorcycle From Popsicle Sticks."

Speaking of bikes, here's one on a much smaller scale. The amount of detail put into this is amazing, kudos to the artist!

"This tyre replacement warning when wore out."

This is perfect for someone like me who doesn't know the first thing about car maintenance, let alone the tires specifically.

"The mathematically precise traditional cakes of Sarawak."

I can only imagine the time put into these cakes to get them looking like this. With such hard work and so much care, I bet they taste great!

"Hand-drilled speaker grill in an elevator in a newly built $100M building."

Now for something that doesn't seem to have been made with any care, there's this. They must have been in a real pinch if this was their only solution.

"Cut some notches into cable tie and use it to fish hair out of drains." brilliant. This is just brilliant. I know what chore I'm completing next.

"3D printed Berry harvester."

Using a method they call "hedgehog cleaning", it's designed to harvest the berries with minimal damage to the plant, mimicking the way animals harvest them!

"Got a few shots of this strange car."

Dubbed "the extra terrestrial vehicle", original creator Mike Vetter wanted to make something that was simple and unique. It's safe to say he accomplished those goals.

"Metalica branded old romanian stove."

Did Metallica the band have a line of stoves, you ask yourself? You might be disappointed to hear that no, they didn't. Metalica is also an appliance brand, and have existed far longer than the band!

"This restaurant has an attached pond so you can watch the ducks while you eat."

Who wants a city view when you can have this! Talk about dinner and a show.

"Concrete barrier outside the train station in Malmö, Sweden, is shaped like a train."

Just in case you've forgotten that you are, in fact, at a train station.

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