Capybaras Are The Super Chill Best Friends Of The Entire Animal World

You know the Rodents of Unusual Size ( from The Princess Bride? As a kid, I just logically assumed that no rodent could possibly be that big and they were a as made up as the countries of Florin and Guilder.

My child logic wasn't completely off-base, but what I didn't realize is that the term "rodent" doesn't just apply to rats, mice, or squirrels.

Even the common beaver is a rodent and they are pretty big!

The largest of the in the world is the capybara, but Buttercup needn't worry. These rodents are *super chill.*

Westley wouldn't need to best one in a fight, since they'd be a'okay with visitors.

At first I was surprised, but then I read that some of their closest relatives are guinea pigs and that tracks.

Seriously, though, if you google capybaras, half the images are of them being super chill about other animals sitting on them.

Capybaras are native to South America and live in large social groups of up to 40 individuals on average.

Like beavers, they are semi-aquatic, with webbed feet and eyes set high on their heads to allow them to see while mostly submerged.

Their size can vary wildly, between 77 and 146 pounds on average, with the females leaning toward the heavier end.

Continuing the theme of being friend to all animals, capybaras are vegetarians, eating grass and a very select few other plants. Like cows, they aid their digestion by eating their own feces. So maybe don't let them breathe in four face.

Though they are often featured looking chill AF, they are actually quite vocal.

They squeak, chirp, and even bark to each other when hanging out.

Capybaras can make good pets, but laws vary by region for whether or not you might be allowed to have one.

h/t: National Geographic, PEOPLE