Quotes For When You've Started Matching Your Handbag With Your Mask

I'm not sure why I was surprised when masks made the shift from necessary annoyance to fashion, but I think the moment the change became clear to me was when I saw an American Eagle ad for a matched set of a mask and scrunchie.

If that isn't a whole 2020 aesthetic, I don't know what is.

It started with hobby crafters using scrap cotton to make masks for family and friends, and now they're hanging on racks in every store I visit.

You really can buy a mask for every outfit, and since we're supposed to wash them between every wear, we even have an excuse to buy more.

There was a "mask rack" available at a store I visited recently!

This year has just been a big ol' ball of shattered norms and new habits.

Routines are destroyed, tubes of lipstick are gathering dust in drawers while eye makeup is having A Moment.

Who knew there would come a time when having freshly cut and styled hair was a sign of courage and the privilege to still pay for such luxuries.

It certainly makes our pop culture weird.

On one hand, I roll my eyes at announcements that TV shows are going to have episodes "addressing the pandemic." Nothing dates a piece of media faster, except maybe a certain Smash Mouth song.

But on the other hand, it's really hard to be immersed in a show when you recoil at every handshake or sneeze.

I really feel for the shows that were filmed pre-COVID, but meant to be set now.

Maybe we need to just stick to fantasy until the world sorts itself out again?

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