Quotes For When The Quarantine 15 Is Already Into Its Second Wave

When the office closed back in March and then the rest of the city, I stocked up on supplies the way many people did.

Not on toilet paper and sanitizer — though I made sure I had enough to last a me few weeks — but on snacks and comfort food.

I don't know about you, but especially in those first weeks, a balanced diet was at the bottom of my to-do list.

Between the baked goods, macaroni and cheese, and too much take-out via the excuse of "helping local businesses," I gained a few pounds.

More than a few.

I know I'm not alone in this, and while I was mad at myself at first, in the end I've come to terms with it. These are crazy times and sometimes you need to bake a loaf of bread specifically to then turn it into a custardy bread pudding as a way of coping.

As the months have gone on, I've had my own "phases" of isolation the same way my local lockdown stages have.

Once I'd gone through the shock and mourning phases, I started feeling better able to stick to a routine, and I even lost a few of those original quarantine pounds.

I'm into a full-blown productivity phase now.

Part of that is aided by the fact that I can go out to stores when I need supplies, but am otherwise encouraged to spend time at home.

Which has resulted in a lot of redecorating.

But cases are rising in my area again and with them, I can feel the surge of the productivity phase fading.

It seems likely that as the predicted second wave ramps up, so will my need for comfort food. And thus, my waistline.

You might feel the same way too, and you know what? That's still okay. This period in our history has been full of craziness and ebbs and flows of mental health are understandable.

So be kind to yourself. Eat that bread pudding, but maybe only after having a balanced dinner, okay?

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