10+ Times Dads Came Up With Smart Ways To Hack Life

Dads are a different breed of men. Am I right? They often have to think fast on their feet when they need to get something done.

Also, they're great at solving many of life's problems. If you don't believe me, you just have to see what these dads did. However they got things done, they made sure they did it their way, ha, ha!

1. This Nap Trick

This dad was so clever when he offered to watch his kids while his wife shopped. He told them to draw him while he sleeps and he actually took a real nap. This man is a genius.

2. This Painting Trick To Keep Kids Busy

If the kids are starting to drive you crazy while you're trying to do yard work, take note of this idea. Let them "paint" your fence with water and it'll keep them busy for a while.

3. This Lawn Mowing Trick

I know mowing the lawn isn't everyone's favorite hobby. Am I right? But what if you could just do it just like this dad did? Wouldn't this appeal to you a lot more? It would to me, ha, ha!

4. This Bubble Bath Trick

Kids do get fussy when the bubbles from their bubble bath start to fizzle. So this funny dad came up with a smart idea to keep the bubbles going. Hey, if it works, it works.

5. This Work Creamer Trick

Isn't it annoying when you bring your coffee creamer to work but someone always ends up "borrowing" it? Well, this one dad found the perfect way for nobody to even want to touch it with a 10-foot pole.

6. This Food Hack

If your kid isn't a fan of pasta but that's all you've got for dinner, do what this dad did. He actually managed to convince his kids that this is a tiny taco and they ate it.

7. This Clip Idea

When dads have their hands full, they still want to make sure their kids are close by. You can buy a Hero Clip, which gives your kids a handy spot to hold onto when your hands are tied. A large carabiner clip would probably do the trick, too!

8. This Video Game Trick

How do you fool your kid into thinking they're actually playing a video game? This dad definitely pulled it off using video from YouTube and a dead video controller. I can't believe his daughter bought it.

9. This Kool-Aid Trick

How do you get your kids to take their medicine? It's easy when you're this dad. Check out how he cleverly hid the syringe with the medicine behind this Kool-Aid pack. OMG, I can't believe it worked, ha, ha!

10. This Car Hack

When your kids are hungry and screaming in your back seat for some food, you gotta try this. Here's a fast way to cool any food that's too hot for them. Then, they can stuff their faces to their hearts' content.

11. This Socks Hack

This dad's daughter wanted "no-show" socks (aka low-rise socks). Since they didn't have any, he did the next best thing: Got out the scissors and started cutting. It worked!

12. This Pizza Hack

So, your kid only likes cheese on their pizza and you're a true pepperoni lover. So what? Before popping your frozen pizza in the oven, rearrange the pepperoni to one side. Nobody will be the wiser in this scenario here.

13. This Pen Lid Trick

What happens when your kids want to eat corn on the cob but you don't have a proper skewer? No problem, says this dad. If you've got a pen lid, you've got a skewer. That's some quick thinking.

14. This Cleaning Idea

It's hard to keep the house clean when you've got a toddler running around. So, why not use their crawling as a cleaning opportunity instead? Aren't they rolling on the floor all day anyway? Buy one of these mop onesies and you're set. Ha, ha, this is brilliant!

15. This DIY Hammock

Do your kids always ask you to let them build a fort? That must get so annoying, right? Well, you can totally do this instead and make a DIY indoor hammock for them to enjoy. That's so cool.

16. This "Let's Play Ball" Idea

Why get up from your lawn chair when your kid wants to play ball? This dad has the right idea here. Are you getting what I'm saying, man? That's so funny and ingenious at the same time.

17. These "Daddy Dollars"

Are your kids too young to get real money for doing chores? Well then, you can come up with "Daddy Dollars," just like this dad did. They can cash them for favors like hugs and kisses, ha, ha! That's actually so sweet.

18. This Picky Eater Hack

How do you get your kiddos to eat their dinner — especially when it involves having broccoli? Just make a funny character like this one and they'll be all too psyched to eat it. OMG, isn't that so cute?

19. This Food Trick

So your kid won't eat any greens, does that sound just a little bit familiar? No worries. This dad stuffed some peas in his kid's fried potato and voilà. The kid definitely got fooled here, lol.

20. This Kid Boost Idea

I know it can be annoying and, frankly, back-breaking to always have to give your kid a boost. So this dad, who had obviously had enough of it came up with a clever idea to do it instead.

Ha, ha! Are these guys absolute geniuses or what?

I think some of them could compete for the "Most Clever Dad" award. Who do you think would win here? I dunno, I think it would be a tough competition for sure.