10+ Mistakes in 'The Princess Diaries' That Fans Didn't Catch

We owe a lot to The Princess Diaries. It helped introduce the world to Anne Hathaway, who since then has gone on to become one of the most acclaimed actresses in Hollywood.

They say to know how far you've come, you can never forget where you've been.

It's in this spirit that I've managed to collect these 10+ mistakes in The Princess Diaries that fans didn't catch!

Mia needs to brush up on her Shakespeare.

Admittedly this isn't a huge error but Mia is still technically misquoting The Bard. She says "A rose by any other word would smell as sweet."

The line from "Romeo & Juliet" is "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

What time is it?

As Mia reads the letter from her father, you can clearly see the sunlight streaming through her window into the room.

Which is strange, considering the ball was already underway and it's supposed to be night outside.

How did Emperor Sakamoto get served before everyone else?

During one of the royal feasts, Queen Clarisse inquires as to whether or not Emperor Sakamoto would like to look at some pictures.

He rejects the offer and takes a large slurp of soup. Only the soup hadn't been served yet!

What's going on with Mia's glasses?

During the film's opening sequence, there's a shot of Mia sliding down the fire pole. Before she begins her slide, she has her glasses on her face.

By the time she gets to the bottom, they're gone. Not even Batman and Robin could change that fast.

Is someting going on with Mia's corn dog?

Something definitely seems off in this scene. Mia takes s a bite of her corn dog and then offers it to Queen Clarisse.

After the camera cuts away, the bite mark has vanished.

That isn't how you say "Brush" in German.

Yes, Paolo isn't speaking real German. But that doesn't mean that a few real words didn't slip-in accidentally.

For example, when he's brushing Mia's hair he says "Brüste, Helga," and his assistant hands him the brush. In German, "Brüste" means breasts.

What kind of grapes are those?

Yet another error occurs at the State dinner. Watch as Mia accidentally drops a grape onto the floor — it's clearly green.

But when she goes to retrieve the fruit, somehow it's managed to become a red grape.

Mia's makeover keeps changing.

It's one of the most dramatic scenes in the entire film — Mia's big reveal! If you look closely, the first time we see her face she's wearing eye shadow.

But when she gets up to look at herself in the mirror, the eye shadow disappears! Also, is it just me or is her lipgloss lighter?

Sunglasses on or off?

Watch as Mia and Jeremiah sit together. When Lana proclaims "Sunglasses, girls," she and the two other girls slip their shades on.

But when Lana stands up and faces Mia, her glasses are noticeably absent.

Queen Clarisse breaks her own rules.

When Mia first meets Queen Clarisse, one of the first things that she tells her is not to sit cross-legged. The regal way is to cross one's ankles.

Yet when we first see Clarisse, her legs are crossed.

There's something not right about the softball game.

When Mia pelts josh with a hard line drive (right to the bread basket) the ball bounces out of sight. There are several camera shots as Mia rounds the bases that show this.

But once Mia rounds third base, somehow the ball is right beside Josh?

Mia needs to check the weather reports.

Right at the very end of the movie, as Mia is giving her speech, she begins by mentioning how it has stopped raining.

When her speech concludes, Paolo enters wearing a raincoat and is positively drenched to the bone.

Does Mia just not listen?

After Mia's second encounter with Queen Clarisse, she's told to wear stockings (not tights) to their next meeting.

But if you look as Mia changes in the backseat, she's most definitely putting on a pair of tights!

That statue's finger was already broken!

One of the funnier moments of the film occurs when Mia accidentally snaps the finger off of an old statue.

If you look close enough you'll be able to spot the seam where it was designed to break away.

Did Mia have the books all along?

Watch carefully during the opening scene. When the camera begins to pan across Mia's room, focus on the stack of books.

They're the same set given to her by Queen Clarisse, during their second meeting. Only this hasn't happened yet!