10+ Secret Hiding Spots People Added To Their Homes

If you're lucky to have a house of your own, you're already ahead of me. I'm still working on buying my own home. But one of the reasons I want one is so I can have more privacy.

Some homeowners take this concept to the next level and come up with secret, hidden spots where they can stash all their valuables without anybody knowing about them. These folks did just that and I envy their talents.

1. This Secret Basement

Oh my goodness, can you believe this space? I can't get over the fact that these people have a hidden basement via a secret staircase in their kitchen. That's totally blowing me away here. Isn't this amazing?

2. This Hidden Office

Get a load of this amazing hidden office somebody set up in their house. OMG, I would love to have that. This is the cutest nook I've ever seen. I love how they decorated it, too.

5. This Puppy Kennel

It's such an exciting time when you get a new puppy. But sometimes, they might be more trouble than you bargained for. So, this family found a great place to build a puppy kennel right under their stairs.

4. This Hidden Floor Room

Can you believe these folks have a hidden spot on their floor that, when uncovered, leads to a special room? Oh wow, I would love to have that in my house, ha, ha! What goodies could I hide there?

3. This Hidden Shelf

This is one of the easiest hiding spaces you could install in your house. This shelf under the books opens up into a hidden compartment. You could store so many cool items here and nobody would be the wiser.

6. This Hidden Trash Can

Trash cans can be so unsightly sometimes. Am I right? What if you could find a way to hide one away so that nobody would actually have to look at it? Say hello to this nifty solution here.

7. This Shoe Storage

What could you possibly do with your existing stairs? Well, you could build yourself a storage space like this one. Imagine how many shoes you could store in there! I could definitely use something like this.

8. This Gaming Table

Reddit | mysticbluemonkey

What if you could build a table that could serve as your dining table and something extra special? This one was built in a way that it becomes a cool gaming table as well. I love this.

9. This Hidden Basement Door

This person wanted to utilize all the extra space under their stairs. So, they built a secret door in order to access their basement. This is so sneaky of them. Ha, ha!

10. This Ensuite Bathroom

This is something I've always wanted to have in my master bedroom. Not only does this room have loads of storage but when the storage opens up, it leads into an ensuite bathroom. This is so cool.

11. This Kitchen Cooler

Why take up space in your kitchen with a regular cooler, huh? Instead, you could have something much cooler than that — pun intended, ha, ha! This is the most awesome built-in floor cooler I've ever seen.

12. This Secret Door

What if you could create a secret door in your bathroom like this? Wow, I gotta admit, I'm totally impressed by this. I dunno where it leads but I want one like this for myself.

13. This Hidden Puzzle Table

Wouldn't it be cool if you had some designated space where you could assemble a huge puzzle? Well, this family loves doing puzzles so they got this hidden puzzle compartment right inside of their dining room table.

14. This Awesome Dice Storage

This person and their dad made this quadruple secret compartment dice set. Unfortunately, they couldn't paint it black and white, but I think it still looks great. I would love to have something like this.

15. This Nightstand With A Hidden Secret

If you have a handy dad or some other handy person in your life, you might ask them to build you something like this. This cool nightstand has a double shelf where you can hide some valuable goodies out of sight. So cool!

16. This Hidden Utility Closet

I'm such a big fan of any extra space that you can find around the house. So, when I saw this awesome hidden utility closet, I was all over it. Such a great idea for sure.

17. This Secret Passage

This dad came up with a cool idea and cut out a secret passage between his kids' closets. Now the kiddos are so excited to be able to go back and forth between their rooms. Aww, what a nice dad!

18. This Little Outlet Room

Oh my goodness, what's going on here? Why did somebody create this tiny room behind one of their outlets? Maybe they have a pet mouse they want to keep in the house? Otherwise, I'm pretty baffled.

19. This Bookshelf With A Secret Door

How sweet is this husband? Not only did he build his wife a cool bookshelf, but he also created a secret door behind it. Oh, I want one of those, too, ha, ha! Right?

20. This Door Behind A Painting

One of the best hiding places you can set up in your house is behind a painting. Here is a secret door that was cleverly disguised behind a huge painting — and nobody was ever the wiser.

21. This Murphy Bar

What a cool way to conceal a secret booze stash, huh? This is definitely right up my alley — not that I'm a huge drinker or anything. I'm just saying I like the way they're thinking, that's all!

22. This Book End

This person made a cute little book end with a hidden compartment inside of it. Now they can stash some extra cash in there or perhaps some other valuables like jewelry. That's so neat. Am I right?

23. This Spice Rack Secret

You have to love hiding spots that also have a ton of practical storage space. This looks like your run-of-the-mill spice rack, but it was actually installed in front of a secret door to the basement. So cool!

I hope I've given you some cool ideas for hidden spots you can create in your homes.

I would love to set up something like this, too. Not only could I hide stuff there, but I, myself, could hide away there, too, ha, ha!