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Starbucks Has A Trio Of 'Hocus Pocus' Frappuccinos So You Can Sip Like Your Fave Sanderson Sister

Starbucks is putting us under one powerful spell with their new trio of Hocus Pocus Frappuccinos. Yes, you can choose which Sanderson sister matches your palate. But you'll need to know how to order them, since they're on Starbucks' secret menu.

One thing is for sure, after ordering these magical drinks, no one will call you a basic witch.

It must be a full moon.


Winifred, Mary, and Sarah make up the spooky girl squad that we know and love, especially during the Halloween season!

With the new Hocus Pocus 2 movie coming out soon, these drinks are even more hauntingly fabulous.

Well, fancy! We desire Starbucks!

The first drink is all about Winifred.

It's a base of a green tea Frappuccino. Then, you should ask for one pump of white mocha and one pump of peppermint syrup with crushed strawberry inclusions and whipped cream.

The finished product is bright green with hints of white and red, just like Winifred's vibrant hair.

Tis' Delicious. Tis' delicious as can be.

Next is Sarah, a sweet berry-flavored beverage with a violet drink base and extra berries.

You'll want to substitute coconut milk with soy milk, and ask for the drink to be double-blended for the desired texture.

Finish it off by ordering ginger powder on top of the whipped cream, to match her long blonde hair.

It reeks of tastiness.

Finally, there's the Mary drink, a Frapp that tastes just like a chocolate-covered strawberry.

Ask for a strawberries and cream Frappuccino, add strawberry inclusions, and sub the sweetener for white mocha. For a dose of chocolatey flavor, ask for a mocha drizzle, then finish off with strawberry puree on the top and the bottom of the drink.

These frapps are pure magic.

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